Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Stateroom Ballin'


This is what I look like after an Ultimate Omelette Denny's (No Mushrooms!) I'm not at Denny's anymore...I'm on a boat at the dock because if we were underway on the Pacific....without the Dramamine...the Omelette would be all over the place! Not that Denny's is bad it's not a bad alternative....when nothing else is open. Do I not eat or go to Denny's? Jorge Bueno

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Don't be Trippin'


How do you like my new hairstyle? My new WebCam placed Afro, complete with pick was inspired by "The Shaft!" I hope you enjoy it. Jorge Bueno

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No Flat Feet Here!


I guess I didn't see the rule board behind me that says that you shouldn't force your feet on the face of strangers! The lighting makes my feet look really flat..But they actually have a pretty good arch. Oh well, call it a shout out to the folks that have said some good things about me at the Flip Flop Erotic Blog. Thanks for the post and for the traffic referrals! Jorge Bueno

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Is That a Patch of Hair on My back?


This picture caption is (Mexican Accent) "Hey, whachoo lookeen at?" Is that white interference a giant orb from another dimension making itself visible or jacuzzi steam? Jorge Bueno

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Underwear with NO Skidmarks!


Are those Torqouise (is dat how you spel dat?) Underwear? Me at the Hilton Resort San Diego, CA. Taken at 11:30pm near the hot tub. Jorge Bueno

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Gregg Warr and Jorge Bueno


Gregg Warr is one of my favorite real estate experts because he focuses on large commercial deals and he really knows his stuff. Look him up he's on tv and news channels educating the masses about trends in the financial markets and how they directly relate to real estate. He's the expert that keeps stimulating folks to pay more attention to the Federal Reserve and the inverted yield curve that we have been in...but need to get out of! Get his book entitled "How To Make More Money With Multi-Units" He's a great individual a New York guy! Jorge Bueno

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