Monday, June 16, 2008

Jorge Bueno at Almost 2 Years Old!

Hey everyone, here I am at about one year and a half years of age in my Mom's arms! This picture was taken at Universal Studios in one of those picture booths that are pretty rare today. You would deposit $1 Dollar, you would sit inside the booth, close the curtain, and you got 3 poses with flash. Then you would get out, wait a few minutes and your pictures would come out of the side of the machine. We were here in the U.S. visiting from Mexico and visiting all the traditional tourist destinations and having fun. Jorge Bueno

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Monday, June 09, 2008

Bellagio Penthouse with Jorge Bueno

Hi Everyone, here are some pics of my recent stay at The Bellagio Las Vegas. As you can probably tell from the view, I was in the Spa Tower penthouse in the new tower this time around. Look at the pool area, yes the water really IS that clean all the time. Not like the other salty pools at the cheaper hotels. Check out the 5th picture, that my friend is a picture of one of the villas that have their own private pools. You cannot rent one of those...they are reserved for whales or folks who indirectly give the Bellagio $250,000 by losing it in the casino. If they wanted to rent one it would be a minimum of $6,500/per night. You get a private butler, limo service, a private entrance and more! Check out the Official Bellagio Villa Page by CLICKING HERE! Read about The Bellagio Villas on by CLICKING HERE!Jorge Bueno

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Jorge Bueno Movie Tanning in Vegas

Oh my goodness look at how badly I sweat in 104 degree heat. After a day of sunbathing and goofing off it was time to go to a movie. I can't remember what we saw that evening but it was good to get out of the heat. This moview theatre is at the South Pointe Casino on the South Strip. It is a cool spot, the casino is kinda like a Boyd Casino. They have Bowling, Arcade, Movies, Cafe, Many Restaurants including a Buffet. The rooms are also nice with plasma tv's etc. Here is a link to their site CLICKING HERE! Jorge Bueno

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Richard Schraier and Jorge Bueno

This was an event to honor my Musical Theatre teacher Richard Schraier. Tonight's show his was called "Notes from A-11" that was the classroom number where Mr Scraier taught and where my love for musical theatre began. With this event we paid tribute to his career and hard work at Hamilton. We got his current and past students and put together a gala show and concert where we performed his favorite numbers from the many musicals he directed. I was his student from 1990 to 1992. It was an emotional and beautiful evening. His students have gone on to professional industry careers. For our performances of theatre or music, we had civic light opera sets, wireless mics, the works. The school had the funds for that type of thing, the parents were involved and they were really good at raising money through sponsorships. Back to the evenings performance.... at the end we engaged the help of the audience and we all sang "For Good" from the musical "Wicked." I was certainly crying and most others were too. He really DID change my life for the better.

Another teacher of mine from my days at Hamilton was Lynn Levine, my teacher for Madrigals and voice. She worked closely with Mr Schraier to make our performances great. Another wonderful teacher was Mr. Jurkowski, sho was the head of the Drama department when I was there. Mr J. also colaborated with Mr. Schraier to put on top notch productions. Those teachers really inluenced me in a positive way. I hope the're all doing great. Check out the webpage for my high school by CLICKING HERE!

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Tribute Performance to Richard Shraier

I just found these pictures on one of my external hard drives. These were taken June 2007 at my old high school. Hamilton High Academy of Music in Los Angeles. This evening we performed for Mr. Schraier as his going away gift. He left the school. My high school was just like the tv show "Fame" where we concentrated heavily on the arts and in music. I did Musical Theatre, Drama, Student Council, Madrigals, piano, and all kinds of other activities. We had 7 periods because of the extra music classes. The brunette in the pictures was the music coordinator and director for our performance that evening. Her name is Diane Feldman Turen, she has a children's musical theatre company in Los Angeles. Check it out by CLICKING HERE! The Blond woman is Ilene Graff, she is a big time actress. She helped organize the event that evening as well. She was in the "Mr Belvedere" tv series and the movie "South Pacific," among many other roles. Check her out by CLICKING HERE! The next gentleman is Jim Berk, he was the youngest high school principal when he was my principal at Hamilton High. I remember he had a cell phone that he hung around his shoulder because it was like a mini suitcase or pad. So the base hung from the case and then the handset would extend out of it with a traditional phone coil cord. He's been the head of many companies like Hard Rock International. We worked with the Grammy Foundation and is an awesome man. He's now the CEO of Participant Media the folks who put out enlightening films. Read about him by CLICKING HERE!

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Oscar Goodman and Jorge Bueno

This is how much I love Las Vegas, I'm at a Community BBQ with Oscar Goodman, the Mayor of Las Vegas, Nevada. Here is a link to the Las Vegas City website CLICKING HERE! Another place where you can view his many projects and achievements is Wikipedia by CLICKING HERE! The other pictures are of the nearly completed "Encore" tower that is the addition to the Wynn Resort. This place is gonna have some amazing convention center space and will be excellent. The Tutor Saliba Corporation has been building it. Mr. Ron Tutor is a man who I'd like to call my friend. This gentleman flies around in his own private Boeing BBJ or Boeing 737 Business Jet. Yes it's the size of a Southwest Plane but it's all private with a stateroom and the works. He is also a major part of Perini that has built a lot of Las Vegas and has several projects underway like the City Center and others worldwide. They are no joke, they do Heavy Civil Works and Government Contracts all day long. Here is a link to Tutor Saliba CLICK HERE! Here is the link to the Perini website CLICKING HERE! Make sure to read the page of current and past clients! They are huge! Here is link to a picture of Ronald Tutors Private Jet CLICKING HERE!It fills up with about $56,000 of fuel. On a trip to Las Vegas from Los Angeles, CA, you can expect to burn at least $2,500 worth of fuel. That's not counting your other costs like the payment on the $63 Million Dollar plane, Pilot Salaries, Flight Attendant, Food, etc. Very cool, I respect and admire Mr. Ron Tutor. More pics coming soon. Jorge Bueno

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Rollerblade with Jorge Bueno!

Have we ever been rollerblading together? If's your chance! Only view these videos if you have absolutely nothing else to do or you may get upset at me. Oh yeah, don't give me hell because how messed up I look in these videos. People ask me. "Jorge, are they really instructional videos on how to skate?" I usually reply by saying that they fun to film but that's it. What are you waiting for? Go get started with lesson 1 and by lesson 7 you will at least know me better and still not know how to skate. Jorge Bueno
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Jorge Bueno @ Hair Salon

This is where I usually get my hair did. Wait I didn't say that right. This is where I got my hair "Done Did," that's better! This was taken immediately after my haircut the other day. Jorge Bueno

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Friends at ICSC with Traffic Info!

Here I am with some friends at the Diversity Reception that was held at the Wynn Resort. We had a great time. The american man is Rolf Kilian and he heads up the company called Metro Transportation Group, Inc. Here is his website CLICKING HERE!They do global planning for governments and the transportation needs of the city. Have you been in a large city lately and seen traffic cameras at just about every intersection pointing in every direction? Rolf explained that instead of using ground sensors to do traffic counts...they use a digital imaging system that counts the traffic as it enters the screen of the camera display. Very cool. Of yeah I forgot...the local authorities also have access to the data. Departments of Commerce rely heavily on traffic counts to lure franchises and stores to open in their municipality. Have youy ever noticed that they don't just place a McDonalds anywhere. Usually they are on the "Breakfast Side" of the street. That means that they are in the path of most traffic of people going to work and moving in a general direction. In this fashion that traffic can make an easy right turn into the drive thru, buy coffee and a sausage mcmuffin and get right back on their path to work. Imagine if you had to make a left turn or a u-turn? Most folks wouldn't stop. Makes perfect sense. See you, Jorge Bueno

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Jorge Bueno at ICSC Las Vegas

This was at the Las Vegas Convention Center. THey hosted the Internatonal Council of Shopping Centers a few weeks ago. They serve the global retail I was there along with approximately 50,000 other developers and commercial real estate people from all over the world. Look at the production value, they did an awesome job. In the seated interview picture you have a reported and Myron E. “MIKE” Ullman, III or just Mike Ullman, the Chairman of JC Penney and the guy responsible for their new image campaign "Every Day Matters." Mike has built some major brands and is a true player in the industry or should I say "Playa." Read more on him by CLICKING HERE! The link for ICSC is HERE! See you Later, Jorge Bueno

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Barry Manilow and Gas Prices?

Hey everyone, Have you heard the popular Barry Manilow song "Mandy?" I love that song by the way. Here is a picture of the ad for the show in the Las Vegas Hilton lobby. If you happen to be a REAL fan...go ahead and buy his WATER that I heard is complete with private label with his name and even a teaspoon of his saliva! No, just playing. What about the high gas prices? That is an easy fix! Just go out and make more money and there, no reason to complain. Ok, now there is a dude named "Berry Manilow" and he made a video about high gas prices and the oil industry, but he sang it to the tune of "Mandy." You gotta check this out it is informative and interesting. Pay close attention to the amount of money that the chairman made when he retired from Exxon! Here it is CLICK HERE! Or just play it below, have fun, Jorge Bueno.

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Monday, June 02, 2008

Flying Over Magic Mountain

As many of you already know...I'm taking flying lessons and am really close to getting my private pilot's license. I'm probably gonna buy a Cirrus SR-22. I've been learning mainly on a Cessna 172. I took these as I flew over the Magic Mountain Theme Park in Santa Clarita, CA. near Los Angeles, CA. It doesn't look too impressive from 4k feet does it? Jorge Bueno

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Jorge Bueno's View Poolside in Vegas


This is exactly what my view was on Tuesday May 21, 2008 at 2pm. I was at the Hilton Grand Vacations Club on Karen and Paradise St. right next to the Original Hilton Casino. I actually WAS working at this moment...I was reading a great book and listening to the relaxing music of "Cusco," while I analized the potency of the new new water resistant sun block. I was testing the viscosity and the aroma. See you soon. Your Friend Jorge Bueno.

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Jorge Bueno @ ICSC Wynn Las Vegas


Hi everyone here I am at the Diversity Reception at the Wynn Hotel and Resort in Las Vegas. Check out that intense Yachting tan...yeah I had been out on the water before heading out to Vegas for this Commercial Real Estate Event. This was during the week of the large yearly International Council Of Shopping Centers ReCon event. Right around 50k people at the convention center. All the big developers were there doing deals and having a great time. Check out their site by CLICKING HERE! Anyone who has ever built a shopping center, Town Square or Retail Center of any sort has to be there. I'll post some more pictures as well. Jorge Bueno

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