Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Where you is at?

Watch out or I'll throw the ball between your legs and pick it up on the other side. Homeboy gots skills. Jorge Bueno

Jorge or a Stunt Double?

As you can see...no matter if I did get some air...the ball doesn't seem to be traveling toward the basket at all! Jorge Bueno

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Watch This!!!

The Secret Riches Visualization Tool

WOW...if you have not seen "The Secret," you must do so as soon as possible! You will not be dissapointed. I see the web-stats for this picture blog site website.....we get tons of hits and repeat visits. There is always a heavy and steady flow of traffic of visitors who stay on here reading and viewing pictures for an average of 35 minutes, per sitting! That is not even counting the traffic on my regular music site nor my MySpace! You folks are great! Thank you for being interested in my music and in the things that I write. Now..with this post being read by thousands of folks a day....I would like to recommend that you check out this documentary/movie as a personal referral! Not as an affiliate link or anything silly like that...I make no money telling you about it. This is just a genuine attempt at positively influencing my readers and cyber-family! I want to see you achieve your dreams and goals! Send me an email and let me know what you thought of The Secret!! I enjoy reading and responding to your emails! Have a prosperous day! Jorge Bueno
What Is The Secret

Monday, September 04, 2006

Still Frame on Filming Day!

Posing for an evening shot after hanging out all day shooting the another mini video for my website. This Introduction video was made for all of YOU to see and for all my MySpace Family. We also shot some footage at a local park... you won't see those clips of me doing my famous "Karate Chops," until you watch the video until the very very end! Scroll down for the embedded video. Have fun. Jorge Bueno

Say Queso!

There you go...did you say you wanted a cheesier smile? This is a pretty accurate representation of what facial expression you should expect from me most of the time, if we were hanging out! Again, this picture was also taken the same day that I shot my Website Introduction Video. If you haven't seen the video yet you'll want to scroll down and stream it. If you HAVE seen it....watch it again! Jorge Bueno

Jorge Ready to Give a Presentation!

I was a featured speaker at this hotel during a recent fundraiser event. Some of you may already know that a major part of our everyday business is real estate. Music and performing is my passion and we've done some awesome things so far. At the same time, we all like to give back. One way we do that is by helping solve people's real estate problems. We acquire apartment buildings, fix them up, and create nicer neighborhoods. We offer a great percentage of the newly rehabbed apartments to lower income folks through subsidy programs. We save people's credit from Foreclosure, negotiate with the banks, or make emergency hard money loans to individuals that may just need a little extra cash. Here I am getting my distribution materials from the trunk. After our general morning session...we organized a meeting/luncheon to feed our private investors that place funds with our equity groups to buy larger pieces of property. You see? We really do work...but it's not considered "work," if you love what you're doing right? Jorge Bueno

Don't Playa Hate...Wrap Da' Package!

Inside The Paris Hotel & Casino...time to rest...I really need to get some good insoles for these shoes. I would rather be wearing running shoes/sneakers but I understand the importance of "Wrapping the Package," a term coined by Joel Bauer, a guru and a gentleman who I look up to and admire highly. People really DO treat you differently when you are dressed well. Try it for yourself...do your own experiment and you'll see. Jorge Bueno

Show me the Secret!

We saw The Lance Burton Magic Show tonight. He is really a great illusionist. He has geese coming out of his coat while he stands in the center of the stage. How does he do it? You gotta see it at The Monte Carlo Casino Hotel. Here is a link, Click Here! Jorge Bueno

The Secret of Paris!

On the Strip across from "Le Tour Eeefell" or at least that's how I pronounce it with my fake French accent! Oh yeah everybody needs to watch the movie called "The Secret" [ www.thesecret.tv ]The laws of the universe cannot be taken for granted. Get your hands on the movie as soon as you can. I believe that it WILL influence you and change the way you live your life...forever! No Joke! Go there and view the trailer by Clicking Here! Jorge Bueno
What Is The Secret

Parachute Anyone?

At the top of The Stratosphere Hotel, Vegas! Video clip of brave people on the rides up there is coming soon. Las Vegas grew so much that the smoggy cityscape is starting to look like Los Angeles! Las Vegas, Nevada was recently named as one of the highest over valued cities in the US. Crooked appraisers, unethical realty and mortgage agents, and an influx of thousands of new residents moving there every month, are to blame. Too bad. I know plenty of people that purchased property in the last year (2005) who are now having to sell at a loss. They took advice from folks wanting to make a quick commission! That sucks! Jorge Bueno

Jorgebueno.com Website Intro!

Website Intro Video by Jorge Bueno!

Hello Everybody. You need to see this in order to know me better. See you all soon! Jorge Bueno