Thursday, May 11, 2006

LA Clipper Home Game!

Clipper game night! Had a good time. One of my friends went on a mission inside and managed to find some Grape flavored Kool-Aid. I still don't know where he got it from. I believe he paid a manager or someone else to go to the store and buy some during the game. He made us a drink that consisted of a larger than normal shot of Henessey mixed with Purple Kool-Aid and 3 Ice Cubes. He calls it "Sizzurp" or Sizzurb" but it doesn't really matter how you say it because it sounds like you are saying "Scissors" with a slur and the last few letters are silent anyway! "Sizzuur!" It was good but very strong. He drank it as if it were a refreshing glass of Iced Tea. Thank goodness that we had a driver that night! Jorge Bueno

Let me brush that dirt off my shoulder before I go on the air! Jorge Bueno

During the commercial break, I'm normal as can be. Witness here as I Pop my Collar up in here. As soon as I see that red "On Air" light go on...I transform into my new self. See the new me below! Jorge Bueno

Ever wonder where this is? This is where they film the after game sport report. You know? Where you see the people jumping aroung in the background while the commentators try their best to make the game sound unique and exciting. I was one of those people tonight. I was on TV! I'll add that to my resume or as my friend says "My Rezoom!" Jorge Bueno

If you look behind me...that's where they're building LA Live, the new center across from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. They are gonna have some very cool restaurants, a hotel, night clubs, movie theatres, lofts and more check out this website for more info HERE!

After the Clipper basketball game we were doing many things including but not limited to: Parking lot Pimpin', Ghostriding the Whip, Poppin' our Collars, Listening to some Crunk south tunes while drinking Sizzurp, and riding on three wheels. This was all done in addition to making plans to hit up Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles and getting the "Scoe's Special!" Unfortunately, I was the only one on that page and we ended up at Denny's! Jorge Bueno

Beverly Hills, CA

Beverly Hills, CA. I had just left a store where a sales rep was trying to sell me a dress shirt for $475 bucks plus tax. It's still so strange to me that people buy tons of that stuff. My tailor could make you a shirt using the same fabric from that same mill where they got theirs from. It would be put together with better quality, custom fitted to your body, it would have a monogram, you could also pick the style of collar and cuffs that you wanted. All for less money and more bang for the buck. I mentioned that and the sales rep said, "Yes, but your shirt won't be a designer shirt." What a load of BS. can you believe that? I would buy it the shirt...but only if the designer fitted and tailored it himself. Otherwise, it's still a mass produced basic shirt that is no different than the ones at Ross Dress For Less, but with the distinction of having a little label embroidered bearing that designer's name. Society and advertising create images that are supposed to make us want to have certain things that they consider to be of elite status. It's amazing how many of my friends are designer label freaks! "Oh is that Dolce?" "No, it's Kmart!" I tell them, they get upset sometimes. Jorge Bueno

This is the image I get when I hear certain R&B songs that have the word "Creepin" in the title. For example: "Why you Creepin'?" "Creepin' up on you," "Midnight Creepin,'" and Creepin on ya!" I'm sure that there's more songs out there that may say the word even if it's not in the title. I apologize if I mentioned one of your favorite songs just now. Does it mean cheating on somebody? "Hey Boo, is you creepin'?" Jorge Bueno

Panera Studio City!

This is my "We should be ordering and not taking pictures look." It is also a look often associated with my creative side. Within three minutes of this look, I will be singing at the top of my lungs and dancing around this public eatery. Jorge Bueno

When I get inspired to write a new song...I quickly change my mood and spontaneously break into song. I usually blare it out even if I don't have the full lyrics yet. Observe the pic above...this was simply La LA laaaaAAAaaa LA la LAAAaaAA. I think we got kicked out shortly thereafter! Jorge Bueno.

This is at Panera in Studio City, California. We were able to capture the piece of bread in mid air. I like the free Wi-Fi Internet there. I go there when I'm in the valley. They close too early...9pm. Sucks. I usually get the You Pick Two Special! Jorge Bueno

Jorge's Mom!

This is my Mom during my recent visit to Mexico. Jorge Bueno

Santa Barbara Visit!

Jorge Bueno on State Street....BEFORE!

On State Street....AFTER! When I get nervous I begin speaking like a 3rd person. You should have heard me here! "Oh Sh....don't hurt Jorge!" Can you imagine my pimpness if the other huge snake on the left was on me?

I'm not trying to be cool...I really DID need the sunglasses in order to make a normal face. Jorge Bueno

On the bike path. Look closely and it looks like I have a grilled cheese sandwich in my right pant pocket! Jorge Bueno

This was taken on the restaurant terrace of the Santa Barbara Yacht Club. They have good food and the people there are awesome. Check out their website HERE!