Thursday, December 28, 2006

Brian Tracy and Jorge Bueno!

I have been a huge fan of Mr. Brian Tracy since I read his book "Maximum Achievement" back in 1996! Around the same time I was reading and listening to Anthony Robbins and other success types like Mr Harvey Mackay..etc. There is a large movement going on right now about the awareness of "The Secret" or "The Law of Attraction." Mr. Brian Tracy spoke about all of the Laws of the universe in "Maximum Achievment" back in the day and has been living and teaching that approach for many many years before that! I still have that book and read it when I need to be reminded to get back on track. Reprogramming your subconscious is definitely key. Thank you Mr. Tracy for writing such awesome material during your career. His books are in print all over the world in several different languages. Pick one up! Read more about Mr. Brian Tracy by Clicking HERE!

Robert Allen and Jorge Bueno!

When you speak of Real Estate or Marketing Gurus you immediately think of Mr. Robert Allen. He is founder of the Robert Allen Institute and the Enlightened Wealth Institute. They are very successful real estate educators and marketers. At this particular event Mr. Allen spoke personally for the entire event. "The Inner Wealth Summit." The day that he offers a "How to conduct seminar's bootcamp" I will be the first to sign up! At the Summit in San Diego, CA. He had surround projector screens and plasma tv's on the light rig above the stage. He even had a polling technology with remote controls for the audience to take instant polls complete with bar graph output visuals...very cool stuff! His message was very very powerful! His sales team is comprised of master pitchmen with great people skills...don't get me wrong...they give you real content and education...but what i love is their style of sales and the process that they have perfected. I think that Mr. Robert Allen and his companies are amazing! There are others like them but all around Mr. Allen's Wealth Funnel is darn near to being perfect! I salute you Mr. Allen! Jorge Bueno

Derek Gehl and Jorge Bueno!

Ok...when you speak about internet marketing there are some folks that are the original industry founders. Mr. Derek Gehl is one of them that employed time tested offline long copy techniques and put them on websites to sell stuff. He runs The Internet Marketing Center. The original founder was Mr. Cory Rudl until he passed away in 2005. I've seen the videos where Cory was on stage and he had such a pleasing and cool style about him. He is truly a legend. His legacy lives on through Derek who's making sure that the Internet Marketing Center stays on top and ahead of the pack. There are several Internet Guru's out there including a guy they call the "Maverick Mariachi" but although they've made tons of cash most of them got started reading Cory Rudl's early material back in 1996! Jeez..I didn't even have a laptop computer had a black screen with green DOS type fonts and whenever I would turn it on...half of my city block would experience a blackout by loss of power...and when I fired up the printer...we were really in trouble. some witnesses reported hearing a sonic boom or experienced deja vu! :) Jorge Bueno

J. Scott Scheel and Jorge Bueno!

Scott Scheel is a Commercial Real Estate Mastermind, we have been to his events and I have to say that the information is amazing, Mr Scheel is an accomplished speaker and always does an amazing job on the platform. His event productions are the best I've seen for training seminars. From the concert style rig with lights and the great sound system and visual tools. This man knows how to give you great content and have you be comfortable the entire time. His family and Staff are genuine and wonderful people. I recommend people visit Scott's trainings you can read more about him by Clicking HERE! Jorge Bueno

Al Aiello and Jorge Bueno!

Mr Al Aiello, is a master real estate tax strategist. He is absolutely No Joke, I really respect this man he know's his stuff. Al is an author and excellent speaker...I think he's funny...I like his style! He has photoplasmic home study courses available for purchase on the web. Look up his Astronomical Tax Saving's will be fascinated with his knowledge of our tax system in the US. Jorge Bueno

The Stirling Club at Turnberry Towers!

We were at the Stirling Club in Vegas again around Halloween time. The lounge is comfortable and the live music is always fantastic! The first picture is a great friend of mine Tom Koebel, he's the founder of "Luxury Voyages" they specialize in custom tailored cruises for the worlds elite! That's the reason I haven't gone on his cruises they're too fancy...I go to to ones that are the Wal-Mart Caliber of Cruises. You know the kind? They cruise around the shipping harbor and trash barges in San Pedro, CA. They serve you snack food and have you back at a different dock within the hour and then you have to walk back to your car! (Sounds like a water taxi) Tom is awesome look him up his company is based in Las Vegas, NV. He's also the reason that they let us into the "Stirling Club." Tom is one of the founding members there. We try to stop at The Stirling Club every chance we get. Oh yeah...their Chicken Quesadilla is the "Bomb Dot Com." (My friend says that and it always gives me the uncomfortable goosebump chills) It seems awkward to me when I hear it coming from a thirty something year old guy that speaks like a 16 year old. Joo know wadda ming? Jorge Bueno

Jorge Bueno CityCenter Update!

How's the alignment of the stream of chocolate dripping from the fountain? Does it at least makes it seem as though it's being funneled into my mouth? That's at the Bellagio near the conservatory and Cafe. After I got up there was a whole bunch of asian tourists that got into the same position on the floor taking the same picture! The other pic features a huge pumpkin..this was taken right around Halloween 2006. Oh yeah "CityCenter" is being built really fast, you know the development going on in between The Monte Carlo and the Bellagio? The $7 billion dollar project...I'm grabbing a condo in the Mandarin Oriental tower! Can't wait! read More by Clicking HERE! Jorge Bueno

Tearing down The Hilton Casino?

Are you serious? I've spoken with some folks that say that they have been issued advance warnings that the Las Vegas Icon will be coming down soon...that sucks because their buffet is really good they also give free beer and wine during dinner. The food is prepared to the specs of a corporate cookbook...and not what the employee feels like making that day! Read more about the future of the Hilton by Clicking HERE!

Terrible Jorge Bueno Mariachi Dude!

Terribles is growing bigtime...did you hear that they just bought the casinos at the Nevada California Stateline, Primm for about $400MM? You know? Where you stop to pee? Whiskey Petes and Buffalo Bills? Maybe now they'll upgrade the food at Whiskey Pete's at one point I thought it was "Dog Food!" I'm serious, I'm so sinsurrr! It looked like the chunky Alpo that came out of a can..and smelled like it too...and now that I re-live also TASTED just like it! Here is a place that is in the ranks of "Palace Station" as decribed in the post below. But wherever you see "Mushroom Infused Crab Meatloaf with Ketchup" replace with "Catfish with the bones still in it marinated in old milk and corn!" Well that has just been my experience...and I try to experience it everytime I'm in town, because it's cheap! The champagne is good because it comes out of a bottle...if you mix enough orange juice in it (15 parts to 1) you forget that that they actually refilled the bottle from a box in the back....I have NEVER heard a cork pop there! The Canned Soda, Prepackaged Cereal, and Prepackaged Yoplait Yogurt are the safest choices! Read about the Casino purchase from MGM by Clicking HERE! Jorge Bueno

Pin-Striped Pimp Buffet!

I love buffets..I just don't like the way I feel afterward, when I'm done eating! My Mentor Marshall Sylver, says.."Lean and physically fit people eat what their body needs as fuel...NOT what's in front of them." My other mentor Joel Bauer, says "You should only eat the amount of food that fits on your palm about an inch high, but eat that amount 5 to 6 times a day!" Well, I sure hope that they don't read this (Shhh..let me lower my voice) You sould have seen my plate on this recent visit to Palace first plate weighed approximately 17 pounds! My second plate actually cracked because of the weight as I walked passed the meatloaf looking thing that was sittintg in the dessert area! Eewww! You gotta love the buffet at Palace Station.. it's only like $6.99 for dinner! You can eat here all month for the same price as a brunch at the Wynn! There is however, an extreme difference in quality and ambiance from place to place. At the Wynn, well dressed people drop big bucks and only get one plate a little chocolate covered strawberry for dessert and they leave as they reach into a designer handbag to leave a large tip on the table! At the Palace? You get the folks carring strange grocery store plastic bags with personal items, which I suspect is also used to take food to-go! The plates are piled high with a little of everything...on each trip! The food all looks different because of the colors and preparation methods used...BUT it all tastes the same..including the all tastes like "Mushroom Infused Crab Meatloaf With Ketchup!" Have fun! I dare you to check it out! If you are not happy...there is an Applebees nearby! Jorge Bueno

Border Patrol Blues or Avoidance for Jorge Bueno

If I didn't have my legal issues in check...this is what I would look like as I run in all different direction North, South, and Toward your back yard! Or toward "Taco Bell," remember the commercial campaign, "Run for the Border?" Why would you run toward it? Aren't most people wanting to run as far away from it as fast as physically possible? Please know beforehand that I have the utmost respect for our US Government and for it's agencies. What I don't get is the way they prioritize? We also have the most powerful military nation on the globe that the world has ever seen. That being said, why can't seem to do anything about the gangs in the hood? However, if you don't pay your taxes...they WILL find you, even if they have to go to Amazon jungle to get you..bring you back, fine you and make an example out of you! Hmmm? Don't mean to get political on you..but do you ever get similar thoughts? Jorge Bueno

Maserati Quattroporte "DONK" WooHoo!

This is NOT my car YET! I just had to take a picture of it and one with me in it. This is at a dealership in Calabasas, CA. The place is called "The Auto Gallery" I need to sell a car to make room in the garages. The Maserati Quattroporte is a sedan that has a Ferrari derived engine with major horsepower. They make a version called the "Sport GT" with especially tuned exhaust, racing suspension, a quicker gearbox, and larger stock wheels....It's amazing. I have this car soon...perhaps in white! Jorge Bueno P.S. I may choose to be influenced by popular culture in the south and put enormous 26 inch wheels on it and also raise it 10 inches of the ground to give me the ability to make right and left turns...because otherwise...I could just go straight. But I think that it would be so fun to drive a "Donk" My neighbor says that a "Donk" has to be a chevy impala because of the's a jumping antelope or something but people confuse it for a "Donkey?" Otherwise it's just a "High Rider," Is that true? CLICK HERE FOR DONK PICTURES

Do you have a "Shy Bladder?"

I don't appreciate it when I'm standing there at the urinal and even though there are nine others available....a guy walks in and decides to stand right next to me and use the one located right next to me. To top it all off...some restrooms don't give us the luxury of a wall you end up rubbing elbows with the person standing next to you. Every once in a get a guy that doesn't really stand "Centered" and to the rest of the men's room actually looks as though you are indeed sharing a stall! Not a good thing if you have a shy bladder or if you have an issue being measured up and observed as the ladies are doing in this picture! Nowhere but at the Hilton Las Vegas! Have you heard that they may demolish the Vegas icon? They're thinking of it! Jorge Bueno