Thursday, December 28, 2006

Terrible Jorge Bueno Mariachi Dude!

Terribles is growing bigtime...did you hear that they just bought the casinos at the Nevada California Stateline, Primm for about $400MM? You know? Where you stop to pee? Whiskey Petes and Buffalo Bills? Maybe now they'll upgrade the food at Whiskey Pete's at one point I thought it was "Dog Food!" I'm serious, I'm so sinsurrr! It looked like the chunky Alpo that came out of a can..and smelled like it too...and now that I re-live also TASTED just like it! Here is a place that is in the ranks of "Palace Station" as decribed in the post below. But wherever you see "Mushroom Infused Crab Meatloaf with Ketchup" replace with "Catfish with the bones still in it marinated in old milk and corn!" Well that has just been my experience...and I try to experience it everytime I'm in town, because it's cheap! The champagne is good because it comes out of a bottle...if you mix enough orange juice in it (15 parts to 1) you forget that that they actually refilled the bottle from a box in the back....I have NEVER heard a cork pop there! The Canned Soda, Prepackaged Cereal, and Prepackaged Yoplait Yogurt are the safest choices! Read about the Casino purchase from MGM by Clicking HERE! Jorge Bueno