Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Stirling Club at Turnberry Towers!

We were at the Stirling Club in Vegas again around Halloween time. The lounge is comfortable and the live music is always fantastic! The first picture is a great friend of mine Tom Koebel, he's the founder of "Luxury Voyages" they specialize in custom tailored cruises for the worlds elite! That's the reason I haven't gone on his cruises they're too fancy...I go to to ones that are the Wal-Mart Caliber of Cruises. You know the kind? They cruise around the shipping harbor and trash barges in San Pedro, CA. They serve you snack food and have you back at a different dock within the hour and then you have to walk back to your car! (Sounds like a water taxi) Tom is awesome look him up his company is based in Las Vegas, NV. He's also the reason that they let us into the "Stirling Club." Tom is one of the founding members there. We try to stop at The Stirling Club every chance we get. Oh yeah...their Chicken Quesadilla is the "Bomb Dot Com." (My friend says that and it always gives me the uncomfortable goosebump chills) It seems awkward to me when I hear it coming from a thirty something year old guy that speaks like a 16 year old. Joo know wadda ming? Jorge Bueno