Thursday, December 28, 2006

Border Patrol Blues or Avoidance for Jorge Bueno

If I didn't have my legal issues in check...this is what I would look like as I run in all different direction North, South, and Toward your back yard! Or toward "Taco Bell," remember the commercial campaign, "Run for the Border?" Why would you run toward it? Aren't most people wanting to run as far away from it as fast as physically possible? Please know beforehand that I have the utmost respect for our US Government and for it's agencies. What I don't get is the way they prioritize? We also have the most powerful military nation on the globe that the world has ever seen. That being said, why can't seem to do anything about the gangs in the hood? However, if you don't pay your taxes...they WILL find you, even if they have to go to Amazon jungle to get you..bring you back, fine you and make an example out of you! Hmmm? Don't mean to get political on you..but do you ever get similar thoughts? Jorge Bueno