Thursday, January 17, 2008

Pepe Aguilar is a fan of Jorge Bueno

Or did I mean to say that Jorge Bueno,is a fan a Pepe Aguilar! Ok, both. This is one of my favorite singers in the Spanish Language. His name is Pepe Aguilar, he is the son of two very famous and Mexican icons. His mother is Flor Sylvestre and his father is the late Antonio Aguilar, who recently departed us in June 2007. Their names are the links for your reference and convenience. These folks made just about 200 movies in Mexico and are very well known. Pepe's voice is powerful and pleasing to the ear. His music is very Mexican and traditional, and at the same time he also has some contemporary ballads that have done very well for him. I recommend his music and consider myself a great fan. I look forward to singing with him soon. Listen to Pepe's Music CLICKING HERE! You are also going to want to CLICK HERE for Pepe Aguilar's
Official Page.
See you soon! Jorge Bueno