Friday, December 30, 2005

Jorge Bueno and Santa Clause?

This is so silly, but it's appropriate for the holidays, enjoy it. Jorge Bueno

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Jorge Bueno in Orange County

I took this series of photos at the Irvine Spectrum in Orange County, California. We had dinner at "Javiers" a Mexican restaurant. That place is sooooo good, it reminds me of the restaurants we have back home in Mexico. They pay really close attention to the design.There are candles burning everywhere, it's dimly lit, and the decor is really authentic Mexican. Oh yeah, and the food is good. The original location I would visit all the time is in Laguna Beach directly on S. Coast Highway near all the art shops. Jorge Bueno

Can you guess what I what I was holding here? Something very surprising! I think it was holding the dinner tab from the restaurant where we had dinner that evening. We had dinner with about 12 people. Have you ever experienced the cheap ass freeloader people in a group? These people round their total dinner contribution DOWN by 50% It was not my function and I was not the host but I remember that my friend was stuck with a a large dinner bill because some of his "friends" did not contribute enough! Are you the type of person who conveniently goes to the restroom when the bill comes after dinner? Or are you the type who has a couple of drinks, part of an appetizer, an entree, wine with dinner, coffee, and dessert.....and at the end your part is $20.00 because your entree was $18.99 and you figure that the extra dollar and a penny will cover the rest of your food, tax and tip? Or do you leave the restaurant early with a lame excuse only to leave fifteen bucks with the host as "the part that you owe?" You know who you are or if you have done it. Hahaha that sucks! I don't mind covering the entire bill if I coordinate the meeting, but if it's just a whole bunch of friend meeting c'mon! Jorge Bueno

If I were a woman, This one here is the look of "Sleeping Beauty!" Notice the lower lip. I've heard that this look is a toss up between someone crying, someone in deep sleep, or a Mexican Jackass wanting attention! I'm not sure which I'd pick. Jorge Bueno

I think I was mimicking a girl who walked by. I don't know whether to categorize this look as as "Old Lady" or as as a look of a young woman "In Love." Or the look of a retarded mexican guy being wierd in public again! Jorge Bueno

Here I go again. Peace out, Yo! Jorge Bueno

Jorge Bueno's Feet!

Jorge Bueno's Feet! I never thought that anyone would ever be interested in this. I have recieved email requests to post pictures of my feet. My Feet? Yeah, that's what I said, but I am a good sport and here it is: Allow me to direct your attention to "Exibit A" my right foot in the passengers seat of a rental car while driving through San Francisco! As you look below you will find "Exibit B" my left foot! If I told you how many emails I got requesting this you probably wouldn't believe was more that several. Well here they are folks! Curiosity? Fetish? Whatever...It's all good...Feel free to print the pictures, enlarge them and post a picture of my feet on your wall! Or better yet, download them to your computer and designate my foot as your background or wallpaper! Have fun! Jorge Bueno

Viewing here is "Exibit B" Jorge Bueno's Left foot, complete with flip flop in the frame! I hope you enjoyed this picture as much as I enjoyed focusing on my wiggling toes. I usually remove my shoes on a long trip and on a plane so this pose was very natural for me. It's so much more comfortable being barefoot. Notice no toe jam, that only happens with sneakers after 5 and half hours on a hot summer day. I will say this about Women's feet; If they are clean, well pedicured, and soft....women's feet are very sexy. Oh yeah and her nails should be somewhat symmetrical! Jorge Bueno

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Jorge Bueno, The Knight!

Jorge Bueno the Knight in rusty armor! Here I am at Excaliber in Las Vegas. I believe you should be comfortable. Are you guilty of overdressing in Vegas and being miserable after walking around for 8 minutes? I'm there so much that I don't even care what I wear anymore. I see several women that need "Heel Walking" lessons.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Jorge Bueno the Massage Therapist!

Pic of me hanging out at home. I recieved a couple of emails asking me questions about my old job. I will answer them here: IS IT TRUE THAT YOU WERE A MASSEUR? Yeah it is true I did Professional Massage Therapy for quite some time, check with LA county records, you'll find my old license. I would do 3-6 full body massages a day. I was on staff at Day Spa's but I mostly did private clients. WHERE YOUR CLIENTS BOTH MEN AND WOMEN? I never planned it this way, but the majority of my clients were female. WHAT STYLE OF MASSAGE DID YOU GIVE? I did a Swedish based full body Massage, Lymphatic drainage, Sports Massage, Some Accupressure and Deep Tissue. I always lit at least one candle and played Yanni or other relaxing music. DID YOU GET TURNED ON MASSAGING WOMEN? No, you learned how to be professional in school. My clients would lay nude on my table but I always draped them with a fresh sheet, the only part exposed was the body part that I would work on at a time. It was work to me..nothing sensual or erotic about it. It was my business, so respect was essential. DID YOU MASSAGE YOUR GIRLFRIEND ALL THE TIME BACK THEN? No, hahaha. I never really had time for a girlfriend back then, I was always so busy. It's funny I had one girlfriend I back then and she was super jealous. I would be so tired that the last thing on my mind was to massage again! My schedule never sat well with her either. Sometimes I had to be at 2-3 evening appoinments every other day! She would say "There you go to masssage other women instead of spending time with me!" She didn't understand that it was just work. She would accuse me of all kinds of things. Well, that relationship didn't last very long, I got outta there! WERE YOU EVER INAPROPRIATE WITH CLIENTS? No, I got hit on but I usually found a way to steer the conversation elsewhere. To me it was all about; muscle fibers, knots, technique and keeping time because I usually had another client immediately afterward. DO YOU STILL DO CLIENTS? No I haven't been in that area of work for a couple of years now. I did over 1000 hours of instruction and tons of clients and continuing education yes I can still give a fantastic massage but I just don't do it for work. Beware my massages are addicting, jeez I need one right now! More questions and answers later! Email me your questions! Jorge Bueno

Jorge Bueno at "The Grove" in Los Angeles - West Hollywood!

Here I am inside Barnes and Noble. I like to grab a coffee drink, find a spot to sit, and relax! This evening I had my laptop case because I had been working on a project and I needed to log on to the web, they have freedomlink wi-fi so I can connect for $2 a month because we have SBC at our office. Oh yeah, and that girl? I don't know her at all...I just was scoping her out. Not in a flirty way, but in a retarded way. Look at my face, I held that face until she noticed that I was hovering near her. She probably felt my infared eyes. I don't undress women with my eyes. Most of the time I don't even notice them. Sometimes a female friend of mine will have to say, "Look at that woman she's hot" and I'll reply, "Her? Ah, yeah, she's so-so!" Since I did Massage Therapy for so long, a female body is not an instant turn on for me like it is for most guys. It's just a body. It will take much more than just a good body to captivate me and grab my attention. Confidence, Style, Wit, Smile, Positive Energy, and vibe are just a few of the characteristics that are key. Jorge Bueno

Oooo look at the marquee.. RENT! I preferred it on stage but the movie was good, I've been a fan of the music for years, I'm so happy that more people found out about it recently and liked it. Do you like it? Jorge Bueno

The same company "Wet Design" that designed the fountains of the Bellagio Resort in Las Vegas, also designed the fountain at The Grove. There is indeed a slight difference. The Bellagio fountains cost over $40 million to build. The fountain behind me seemed to have a budget of $43 dollars! Even if there is no wind, it looks as if someone is holding their breath underwater and holding a hose to the sky! Some jets don't work well and it looks as though someone is actually blowing the water up with their mouth. They are also totally randomized and don't go with the music at all. The music could be ending and low in volume and when all of a sudden a large and uncontrolled spray of water will shoot upwards, splashing people 8 feet beyond it's perimeter! You should have seen me after this picture! Jorge Bueno

Here I stand on the bridge over the pond. This is a romantic spot. Too bad I'm alone in the pic and can't share a special moment with anybody. Maybe I should wear more classy stuff instead of warm up suits all the time? Jorge Bueno

Here I am making a another funny face at an unsuspecting female. I didn't realize that the people behind me were there, apparently they watched me for the 20 seconds that I stood there. They started laughing at me and made me crack up but the sitting girl never knew what we were lauging at, she just made a mean face at us and said "Shhh!" If we are too loud for you, buy the book, get up, out of the aisle, and go home and read it! Jorge Bueno

This place is nice but damn it can get crowded. As you can see the carts behind me are already closed. I prefer to visit later in the evening. The parking garage sucks you seem to go in a circle forever until you find a place to turn out to find a space. If you get a validation and leave under 4's $2 bucks! If you get to the exit at 4 hours and one minute, the fee is $38.25! If you are over 5 hours, it's $837.55! God forbid you lose your ticket, if you do, you have to give the parking management your car and ride the bus home! Jorge Bueno

The grove has a nice movie theatre, the ticket people wear cool little hats and they have kiosks were you can order your concession items with a credit card. Kinda stupid because you think it's gonna be faster, but then you get there the worker says to you. If you pre-ordered at the computer, get in THAT line (with 35 people waiting) to retrive your food items!" I've gone back to simply sneaking my food in. During the opening credits all you hear is "Kish Kishsh" as I open my can of beer..oh I mean soda! Jorge Bueno

The holidays are very cool, I love the lights! People still cut you off and curse at you, but the finish it off by saying "Oh yeah, Happy Holidays!" Jorge Bueno

This is me in front of the Apple Store, not apple as in fruit but as in ipod. Jorge Bueno

Jorge Bueno in a 24 hour K-mart in Detroit, Michigan.

This is how I roll in my imitation fur. Sorta like a chinchilla with blue rit dye on it! Whenever I check into a hotel, I have to go pick up some essentials like healthy snacks, distilled water, and fruit. This series was taken at 1:30am while I was in Detroit, MI. again. We weren't in the city because most stores close early. This was on Gratiot Ave. passed 12 mile in Roseville, Michigan. I'm a night owl. I write music and get more creative at night. In this case we were at a National Coney Island having omelettes for dinner, when we spotted the K-mart right down the street. Perfect, lets go in there and take some stupid pictures! Jorge Bueno

What? What choo mean you ain't give my you digits? Baby I'm da KING! Da King and da realest. I bout to take you to Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles! Yao Ming? Jorge Bueno

Yo Yo Yo, sup baby boo? Lemme roll on up and tell you that you so splendid dis evening! Yo hey baby, you best believe I'm so sincurre. Jorge Bueno

This is stupid I know! But, who dares to do this type of stuff in public? I don't care what people think so screw it! I'm NOT even a breast guy. I prefer a woman with pretty feet instead of huge "breastesess!" Jorge Bueno

How does this combo look on me? I figured it out, I am actually in the plus size section, look at the big underwear! Blue is one of my favorite colors! Jorge Bueno

This one here is my "Damn I'm tired and what the hell am I doing at K-Mart at 1:30am look!" Jorge Bueno

How does this one look? This is my brainstorming look. I know the color is not very "Manly" but what can I say? I was in the lady's section. This was because the electronics and CD's were right next to that! Jorge Bueno

Usually if you take the robes from the hotel rooms, the management finds out, audits the bill and adds anywhere from $50-$500 bucks for their cheap robes that I could purchase at Wal-Mart or K-mart for $6.99 plus tax! How do I look? I'm so lazy that I don't even take them off the hangers! Jorge Bueno

Stocking up on fruit for a hotel room stay! Usually get all organic stuff, but at a K-Mart Supercenter that is impossible! The fruit is right next to the auto parts and housewares! Jorge Bueno

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Jorge Bueno backstage before a show!

Jorge Bueno, backstage again, pretending that he's Jorge Negrete in the movie "Dos Tipos de Cuidado." Look closely at my ear on the right side of the pic and you can see my in ear monitors in place. I can hear myself very well when I sing with these on. The audience hears a final mix with overall effect, reverb, delay, and compression. What I hear is very different. I have music on both ears but on my right ear, there is no effect on my voice or on the music, it's completely dry and plain. It sounds as if I'm singing in a room. On the left ear, there is also both voice and music, but with a touch of vocal and music effect. If you sound better to yourself, yo tend to sing with more confidence. This is handy outdoors or in a large arena where there is a natural echo bouncing off the surroundings. What we hear onstage has a second or two delay and that is enough to screw up your groove. Listen to a couple of songs that I sung as I heard them with MY monitor mix in my ears. You can't hear the audience because they microphones are facing us not them. Use your right left balance control on your media player to hear the difference CLICK HERE!

Here I am with the full Mariachi or Charro outfit on, complete with gun holster. I'm backstage, you can't see, but I'm holding the big sombrero. Look at the pic above for image. Jorge Bueno

Jorge Bueno, in full charro regalia while testing the sound system levels, in preparation for the show later in the day. I was in the outfit early for some on screen interviews and things.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Jorge Bueno walking around Dallas, Texas!

I took this picture while walking around the "West End" in downtown Dallas, Texas. We had dinner there and took a carriage ride. Look at the mysterious orbs near my shoulder and the sign pole on the right, out of several shots with the same camera, only certain frames have this. Is it the lens or is it a spirit being? OooOooo, cool stuff!! Jorge Bueno

Jorge Bueno at a Laker Game!

Jorge Bueno at a Laker basketball game at the Staples Center. We watch concerts from this box also! It's so pimp inside. Wish they would win more games!

Jorge Bueno, during the Laker Game. They always keep the mini bar stocked! I love wine, prefer red but any color is good. It's good for you!

Jorge Bueno at The California Yacht Club!

Jorge Bueno at The California Yacht Club. Not much going on in this room. You can't see it in the picture but there was a large celebration going on in the next room. You come in here to get away from the crowd. There is a tv, computer, fireplace, 500 pounds worth of magazines and some couches. It's a "chill" spot.

Jorge Bueno, inside the Suite at The Staples Center...Yumm nachos and guacamole! We always order way too much food. It's like catering so you can't just order a little. I have also tried without success, to sneak in food from the can't! Sometimes I crave the hot dogs from the street vendors in the homemade and very dangerous "Stove-Carts!"

Jorge Bueno, Nancy Gray, and Joel Guerrero at The Staples Center for at the Laker game

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Jorge Bueno is a fan of Benise's Music!

Ok everybody if you don't know who "Benise" is, he's the guy with long hair on the right. He has concerts in all over the US coming in 2006. Instrumental Spanish Guitar beats at their finest! This is very romantic music. Check out his website: "Benise" Jorge Bueno

Carlos Lopez, Drummer in the band, Jorge Bueno, and Roni Benise!

I never wear jewelery exept at a Benise concert. No, I was not drunk, buzzed, maybe a little. Jorge Bueno

As part of the finale, everyone throws these colorful neclaces at the audience. This is how they landed on me! I was waiting for Roni Benise to come out of the dressing room backstage to say what's up. Jorge Bueno

This is me and my friend Aissa at the Benise Concert. She introduced me to Benise, they go way back, ever since he used to play on the streets, now he blew up. he deserves his success, his music is wonderful! Ckeck him out by clicking here: BENISE! Jorge Bueno

Jorge at the Movies "RENT" again!

Here I am "Secret Agent Bueno" undercover at the movies. Or should I say under the covers? What is that stain? I just noticed it. (Singing) There's only us, there's only this, forget regret our life is yours to miss......No other road..No other way..No day but today! Jorge Bueno

Do I look like a secret agent? You know I do! I like to take a blanket inside, in case I wanna get really comfy. I usually take my shoes off and take up 7-8 seats, well ok, 2 seats. Jorge Bueno

(Me speaking to the food person ) "Hello, do you serve any traditional Mexican plates here at the concession?" Mole? Birria? Enchiladas" Steak Picado? Tamales? Flan? Pastel de tres leches? Champurrado? Cocktel de Camarones? ATTENDANT: F**k Off!!

Awe Man! This is the pose I struck after I finished dancing and "Turned you Out!" You just missed it. Uprock, eggrolls, backspin, the robot, and pop locking! You know? Just your everyday break dancing. In full effect! I wish you could see my shoelaces, the really thick ones. Jorge Bueno

Welcome to my home! My sleeping quarters are over there near the bench! Ok..Ok..ON the bench! Jorge Bueno

This is me directly after I walked away from my record deal. If it at least was fair and equal, I would've stayed in it but it was shitty, so here I am! Jorge Bueno

That's gonna be a good movie! Jorge Bueno

I'm getting my practice on being romantic, so when I need it in the future, I can summon the gentleman skills! Jorge Bueno

Yay no people! I love late shows. I like to avoid the crowds and avoid the folks who love to make comments out loud with their friends throughout the entire film.Of course, that late I'm usually the one talking trash thru the movie! Jorge Bueno