Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Jorge Bueno the Massage Therapist!

Pic of me hanging out at home. I recieved a couple of emails asking me questions about my old job. I will answer them here: IS IT TRUE THAT YOU WERE A MASSEUR? Yeah it is true I did Professional Massage Therapy for quite some time, check with LA county records, you'll find my old license. I would do 3-6 full body massages a day. I was on staff at Day Spa's but I mostly did private clients. WHERE YOUR CLIENTS BOTH MEN AND WOMEN? I never planned it this way, but the majority of my clients were female. WHAT STYLE OF MASSAGE DID YOU GIVE? I did a Swedish based full body Massage, Lymphatic drainage, Sports Massage, Some Accupressure and Deep Tissue. I always lit at least one candle and played Yanni or other relaxing music. DID YOU GET TURNED ON MASSAGING WOMEN? No, you learned how to be professional in school. My clients would lay nude on my table but I always draped them with a fresh sheet, the only part exposed was the body part that I would work on at a time. It was work to me..nothing sensual or erotic about it. It was my business, so respect was essential. DID YOU MASSAGE YOUR GIRLFRIEND ALL THE TIME BACK THEN? No, hahaha. I never really had time for a girlfriend back then, I was always so busy. It's funny I had one girlfriend I back then and she was super jealous. I would be so tired that the last thing on my mind was to massage again! My schedule never sat well with her either. Sometimes I had to be at 2-3 evening appoinments every other day! She would say "There you go to masssage other women instead of spending time with me!" She didn't understand that it was just work. She would accuse me of all kinds of things. Well, that relationship didn't last very long, I got outta there! WERE YOU EVER INAPROPRIATE WITH CLIENTS? No, I got hit on but I usually found a way to steer the conversation elsewhere. To me it was all about; muscle fibers, knots, technique and keeping time because I usually had another client immediately afterward. DO YOU STILL DO CLIENTS? No I haven't been in that area of work for a couple of years now. I did over 1000 hours of instruction and tons of clients and continuing education courses...so yes I can still give a fantastic massage but I just don't do it for work. Beware my massages are addicting, jeez I need one right now! More questions and answers later! Email me your questions! Jorge Bueno