Thursday, December 29, 2005

Can you guess what I what I was holding here? Something very surprising! I think it was holding the dinner tab from the restaurant where we had dinner that evening. We had dinner with about 12 people. Have you ever experienced the cheap ass freeloader people in a group? These people round their total dinner contribution DOWN by 50% It was not my function and I was not the host but I remember that my friend was stuck with a a large dinner bill because some of his "friends" did not contribute enough! Are you the type of person who conveniently goes to the restroom when the bill comes after dinner? Or are you the type who has a couple of drinks, part of an appetizer, an entree, wine with dinner, coffee, and dessert.....and at the end your part is $20.00 because your entree was $18.99 and you figure that the extra dollar and a penny will cover the rest of your food, tax and tip? Or do you leave the restaurant early with a lame excuse only to leave fifteen bucks with the host as "the part that you owe?" You know who you are or if you have done it. Hahaha that sucks! I don't mind covering the entire bill if I coordinate the meeting, but if it's just a whole bunch of friend meeting c'mon! Jorge Bueno