Saturday, December 24, 2005

Jorge Bueno backstage before a show!

Jorge Bueno, backstage again, pretending that he's Jorge Negrete in the movie "Dos Tipos de Cuidado." Look closely at my ear on the right side of the pic and you can see my in ear monitors in place. I can hear myself very well when I sing with these on. The audience hears a final mix with overall effect, reverb, delay, and compression. What I hear is very different. I have music on both ears but on my right ear, there is no effect on my voice or on the music, it's completely dry and plain. It sounds as if I'm singing in a room. On the left ear, there is also both voice and music, but with a touch of vocal and music effect. If you sound better to yourself, yo tend to sing with more confidence. This is handy outdoors or in a large arena where there is a natural echo bouncing off the surroundings. What we hear onstage has a second or two delay and that is enough to screw up your groove. Listen to a couple of songs that I sung as I heard them with MY monitor mix in my ears. You can't hear the audience because they microphones are facing us not them. Use your right left balance control on your media player to hear the difference CLICK HERE!