Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Opening Night of Phantom!

We were invited to the opening night celebration of The Phantom of the Opera, at the end of June. The Las Vegas Spectacular! Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber was there along with the original director and a whole bunch of other important and rich looking people. Oh La la. Anyway...no intermission...so if you have a weak bladder...you're best prepared by sneaking in an empty two liter bottle of Pepsi, because there is no break. Don't forget the screw cap! Read an article from BroadwayWorld.com HERE! Jorge Bueno

The Cholo Overture!

What a wonderful view from the terrace. Every half hour or so, smoke fills the tower, strobe lights flash, masks are projected onto the casino and the "Phantom Overture" is blasted to all the exterior of the hotel and onto the strip. It's kind of a spooky tune, so I wonder if that keeps the gang members away. It's either the music or the high prices, I don't know which does the trick for certain. Look at the Official Site for the show by Clicking Here! Jorge Bueno

Jorge Bueno & Brent Barrett!

OMG Can it be? Jorge Bueno and Brent Barrett? Yes it is. This guy was in the show...he even has a pretty good part, but you may not recognize him immediately because he walks around the stage wearing a mask most of the time. Well that is until Christine pulls it off after the song "Music of the Night." where according to Andrew Lloyd Webber, "The Phantom is to make love to Christine but with his voice during this piece." Sorry to all the perverts that were hoping for more action. Yes, he's one of the "Phantoms" there are two plus some understudies because the role is so demanding. They actually have two casts of leads since the show plays twice in the evenings. Go see it! See more pictures of Brent Barrett Here! Read an interview with Brent Barrett by Clicking Here! Jorge Bueno


Breaking News...Mysterious Orbs!

I put this picture in because there are some nice "Orbs" in the frame. Can you see them near my chest, hip and on the floor to my left? You may have to click on the picture to enlarge it. The other shots don't have this. Have I captured spirits in a little known light spectrum, or is the camera lens just dirty? If that's the case...why don't the other pics have Orbs? Dee Dee Dee Di, Dee Dee Dee Di, (Twilight Zone Theme.) Taken in the lobby near the Grand Luxe Cafe. Jorge Bueno

"Bourgeois Pimp" Inside Phantom Theatre!

"There is not a bad seat in the house." Is what the ticketing agents say. But there is nothing like being somewhere in the first five orchestra rows, centered. We were in the second row tonight. We were surrounded by some really important looking people. The folks in the audience either paid a ton of cash to get in...or they had something to do with the shows organizers. I heard that not even the cast has the power to get discounted or comped tickets. We were invited so tonight we made up part of the bourgeoisie body present. All I was missing was a cane, top hat, and a cigar. But, I didn't want to be mistaken for a pimp, a "Bourgeois Pimp!" Although in Vegas, that wouldn't be so bad. I would look totally funky fresh! Read more about the opening nights festivities by Clicking Here! Jorge Bueno

Dummies on the wall again!

The theatre was custom built for this particular Phantom production, directed by all the original phantom creators. They even make it look as if there are theatre patrons sitting in the private boxes. The detail is accurate in re-creating a Paris opera house. I recognize it from one of my past lives. Jorge Bueno

Not a "Mosh Pit!"

Phantom Las Vegas orchestra playing for the audience after the show and before the parties. Did somebody say free food? Jorge Bueno

Kmart and Phantom!

Wait! Hold on...lemme put my hands down before you take the......Awe! I now look like I'm holding a grocery shopping cart at K-Mart! Ok, a little off the subject of Phantom.....let me understand something...K-Mart files for bankrupcy protection and then they buy Sears right afterward! Did you know that? That's awesome! Gotta have some good Tax Attorneys to pull that one off. Sorta like being audited by the IRS! While the average person would be sweating bullets...there are folks out there that will walk out of audit with a refund. I actually know somebody who's done just that! That's gotta feel good. Read about the $11 billion dollar merger HERE! Jorge Bueno

The Bird Flu Potential?

Full body shot in the Venetian indoor plaza that looks like an outdoor one. Always a terrific 69 degrees in here and then you go outside and it's 110 at the valet parking circle...at night! Is it true that you can get sick by going from extreme temperature to another? I really would prefer NOT to catch a random string of the bird flu! Jorge Bueno

Part Time Usher!

Here I am pretending to be an usher at the Phantom event. Not the singer/performer Usher, but, the kind that rip your tickets and catch you trying to sneak in a "Urine Bag" tied to your leg! Jorge Bueno

Billion Dollar Crack House!

Inside the Venetian Casino..looking for somewhere to eat that serves Mexican food...no luck so far. Gonna have to drive to the other part of town. Which is actually right around the corner! You ever notice that when you take a short cut or leave the parking lot of a billion dollar casino through the rear exit....you end up having to drive through an apartment building driveway and a crack house on the way to the strip again? Or is it just me that has all the luck? Jorge Bueno

French Italian Plaza?

A mock up copy of some plaza some place in Italy. "Mi chiamo Jorge Bueno, i sonno di Messico. Mi papa e Francese, habito Toulouse!" That's straight from the Italian CD that I'm training my Italian with. I think I said..My dad is French, I live in Toulouse. Jorge Bueno

Tourist Condo's in Las Vegas!

I was in Vegas for almost two weeks this time around...so here is a typical tourist picture. Did you know that they've turned "The Alladin Hotel" into a Planet Hollywood Casino They will also be selling condo's on a new tower that they are building onsite. Pretty cool. The place that is gonna be really nice is The Cosmopolitan right next to the Bellagio. I spoke with a rep and they start at $700k for the smallest ones that face the loading dock, freeway, and the trash can service entrance! Oh you want a "Strip View and Air Conditioning too?" $4 Million! Jorge Bueno

Kung Foo Encounter..Almost!

This is the place where I was almost attacked by a USC Alum who said that I was wearing a "Dispickable Tie!" He thought that I was a Bruin/UCLA fan. I told him "He better keep on steppin' for I kun foo him and his girl!" This also the place where I stood to film a couple of Bellagio Water Shows! Videos coming soon. You will soon be able to come to this page and view them through an embedded player...YouTube or one of those. When ever you feel like re-living vegas come to this site and I'll hook you up! Jorge Bueno

The Stratosphere...Poolside!

This is one of those popular MySpace type pictures where you hold up the camera and pretend that someone else took it....Oh yeah....and in the picture below...I purposely had my picture uploader person, cut my abs out. They are not quite where I would like them to be. Impressive "Ab" picture coming soon! I guess I could've had them photoshop me....but...that wouldn't have been too genuine. Jorge Bueno

Jorge may be Pregnant!

Oh Yeah! The Pool at The Stratosphere Hotel in Las Vegas. The water was a nasty...very salty....with people's sweat from many different countries and demographic backgrounds! My friend actually was developing signs of strep throat and it was absolutely gone after a few gargles with the pool water! I was afraid that I would get pregnant so I didn't hang out in the water very much. Jorge Bueno