Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Jorge Bueno & Brent Barrett!

OMG Can it be? Jorge Bueno and Brent Barrett? Yes it is. This guy was in the show...he even has a pretty good part, but you may not recognize him immediately because he walks around the stage wearing a mask most of the time. Well that is until Christine pulls it off after the song "Music of the Night." where according to Andrew Lloyd Webber, "The Phantom is to make love to Christine but with his voice during this piece." Sorry to all the perverts that were hoping for more action. Yes, he's one of the "Phantoms" there are two plus some understudies because the role is so demanding. They actually have two casts of leads since the show plays twice in the evenings. Go see it! See more pictures of Brent Barrett Here! Read an interview with Brent Barrett by Clicking Here! Jorge Bueno