Friday, June 23, 2006

Performance Mic Check...Jorge Bueno!

Here I am conducting a microphone sound check and adjusting the levels for the in ear monitors for a benefit charity fundraiser performance. There main event was in the evening but here we are at 10am making sure that the sound is gonna be awesome. The Mariachi set up right after me. The reason I was in the outfit and not in jeans and flip flops, was because we had scheduled several on screen interviews with the local news media and morning shows. We are promoting our Non-Profit that helps people buy their first home and also helps current homeowners avoid foreclosure! Jorge Bueno

La Mujer que a mi me quuieraaAAaaAaaAa!

Jorge Bueno conducting a microphone sound check and adjusting the levels for the in ear monitors for a benefit charity fundraiser performance.


Jorge Bueno conducting a microphone sound check and adjusting the levels for the in ear monitors for a benefit charity fundraiser performance.

Me CanseEEEEEE de RogarlEEeeeeeeee!

Jorge Bueno conducting a microphone sound check and adjusting the levels for the in ear monitors for a benefit charity fundraiser performance.

No0 se PorrrRRRr Queee!

Jorge Bueno conducting a microphone sound check and adjusting the levels for the in ear monitors for a benefit charity fundraiser performance.


Jorge Bueno conducting a microphone sound check and adjusting the levels for the in ear monitors for a benefit charity fundraiser performance.

Yo Siempre to voyyyy AmarrRRR!

Jorge Bueno conducting a microphone sound check and adjusting the levels for the in ear monitors for a benefit charity fundraiser performance.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Jorge, Day of Boating!

Relaxing on solid ground in Marina Del Rey, CA. after having spent the day at sea refining my seamanship skills! Time for dinner and an espresso largo! Jorge Bueno

Wierd Shirt or What?

Here I am at the Marina after a full day of sailing! Jorge Bueno

Joel Bauer is the man!

Joel Bauer the one and only "Infotainer" on earth that is worthy of the title. Have you ever met someone who was so magnetic as a speaker that he had the power to captivate an audience and influence them positively during a simple hallway presentation? A person who was instantly likable and you said to yourself, Wow, this person is fantastic...I would love to have him as a friend!" Well...that is Joel Bauer, he has a course that can help folks become better people in everyway. He is the the author of the book "How to Pursuade People Who Don't Want to Be Pursuaded." Read more about Joel's business HERE! Read Continuing Education Pursuasion Power Course by Clicking HERE!
Jorge Bueno

Alex Mandossian is a Genius!

Alex Mandossian the genius internet marketer and Jorge Bueno! Wow, Alex is respomsible for millions of Dollars generated througgh his various online businesses and joint ventures. If you want to have a successful online business...learn from this gentleman. His strategies and techniques are proven, effective, and easy to implement. Link coming soon. Jorge Bueno

Armand Morin is a Master!

Armand Morin, the master internet marketer and Jorge Bueno! Armand works with Alex on several businesses. Armand also has an awesome singing voice. I didn't know that until I heard his country album. View and listen HERE! (Link coming) He holds informative and jam packed seminars in order to catapult your online business to success. Look up the details on his Big Seminar HERE! (Link Coming) Jorge Bueno

Les Miserables!

Across the street of The Pantages Theatre in Hollywood, where we say "Les Miserables!" What a wonderful show...the writers of the music are the same guys who wrote "Miss Saigon," another one of my all time favorite Musicals! They are Alain Boublil and Claude-Michel Shonberg! Check out the the shows official site HERE-Les Miserables! Jorge Bueno

"Les Mis" Hollywood!

Look at the detail on the walls on the outside of the theatre. I've seen Les Miz many times...this particular touring cast did an awesome job! The Jean Valjean was amazing. Javert was equally as good...what a pairing! Jorge Bueno

Broadway Show Craze!

Wow! What a show line up! Yes, we will be at those shows. I know all of those sountracks almost by heart...great music! Does that mean I'm gay? Jorge Bueno

Mexican Tuxedo!

A shot during intermission. I usually wear a suit for events like this, but watching the show was a last minute thing so I didn't have time to go change. Tonight, I went "Sans Tie!" This is the Mexican version of dressing up. Slacks and a T-Shirt. Jorge Bueno

Look up..while we enter quietly!

The cieling of The Pantages. This was the view back from our seats for Les Miz! We paid for one ticket and then I ran to the back entrance to open the door for my friends, who were waiting to sneak in. Naw...Just Kidding...ticketed events don't work like it does at the movies. They actually pay attention here. Jorge Bueno

Wall Climbing? Interested?

Look at the amazing detail inside The Pantages Theatre in Hollywood! I love much history there. The crevices are fit for climbing. Jorge Bueno

Earl's Water Well in Compton!

Here I am inside The Pantages Theatre, holding a four dollar bottle of water that clearly states on the label that it was bottled at the "Source!" What source? I've never heard of this brand. To me that means tap water from the municipal water system that's been boiled and put through a coffee filter! They should at least get a graphic designer instead of designing the label on wordperfect. They should then add a piece of text claiming that it comes from an "Italian Source" or something...that way I can feel more exotic while I drink. Maybe that's why I always feel so special when I drink Pellegrino! I feel as if I'm Eros Ramazzotti! Jorge Bueno

"Ludacris" Celebrity Sighting!

Well at least the cap is straight and level! This was taken at The Cheesecake Factory Restaurant, Beverly Hills! We have an office 2 blocks from we're always eating and walking around the area. Rule of thumb, if you see a woman with large fashionable sunglasses, that does not mean that the individual is a celebrity. And if she was..the people here are too into themselves to notice celebrities anyway! Out here, the real celebrities are the people behind the scenes who sign and write the checks to their employees....the movie stars! Therein lies the real power in this town! Chris Bridges "Ludacris" the rapper was eating here at the same time. He ate with two body guards and another guy who had full "Corn Rows" His Driver sat in a big black Expedition with the engine running, in front of the restaurant in a red zone, next to a fire hydrant! Dang, I shoulda gotten a picture. Jorge Bueno

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Parkin Lot Pimpin..Sidewalk Ballin Again!

Here I is Parkin' Lot Pimpin' at The Dallas Northpark Mall..we had lunch at La Madeleine Bakery Cafe. It's a french themed place so prefer to refer to it as "Lu Madelan" with my French accent. Was that good? Jorge Bueno

Dallas Penthouse Ghetto Talk!

View from the Hotel where I stayed for a few nights while in Dallas, Texas again. We ate a Cuquitas Mexican Restaurant a few times while in town. We are looking for property in Highland Park and the surrounding areas. What a beautiful area it's like Beverly Hills, CA. However, you should not confuse it with the "Highland Park" that is next to Detroit Michigan! Last time I checked it was still crime infested and still didn't have a police or fire department. If you want basic municipal services need to go to Grosse Pointe Shores! Jorge Bueno

Hard Rock Dallas!

The Hard Rock Cafe in Dallas where we had dinner on the evening of the Dallas Mavericks Game 6 with the Suns right before the 2006 NBA finals. This place is either a converted church or a bank. Jorge Bueno

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Le Reve Show at The Wynn!

What an amazing evening. We just saw the "Le Reve" show at the Wynn. Check out their ticket site HERE! If you want the main website, Click Here! but it takes a little while to load. Jorge Bueno

We're at the Wynn and on our way to the Eiffel Tower Restaurant Before we watch the show. Jorge Bueno

That is me doing a handstand! I AM really that white...really! Check out the balance and coordination! Jorge Bueno

This stage is absolutely amazing. It becomes solid and then a 27 foot deep pool on the middle! Jorge Bueno

This is final curtain before they all jump in the water again. Jorge Bueno

We'll have to see Avenue Q next time, I asked and they don't do double features. Two for the price of one? No. They do not take food stamps either...I tried that one too! Jorge Bueno

After the show on the concourse. Jorge Bueno

Wal-Mart Suit?

After Le Reve, I had to take a picture in front of the Stage. Security said that people have jumped in to the water after the show! I was considering it. But Naw, then I would have have to take my suit back to Wal-Mart to be pressed again! Or return it for another one! To much of a hassle! Jorge Bueno

Prevost XLII

Hey Y'all this was our ride to Las Vegas this time around! This Pic was taken in Barstow, we usually stop there to have a meal and fuel up. In Las Vegas parking is free at the Casinos as long as you make arrrangements to block off eight to ten parking spaces. In the past, we've had to pay the parking lot attendants their fee per space multiplied by 10! In Hollywood or cities like San Francisco, that can get out of hand when they get $25-$30 Per car! It's worth every penny because you're riding in style but sometimes it's better to take a regular sedan to places like the Hollywood Bowl, because it's easier to maneuver and parking is scarce. I would rather just donate the money to an organization like The Midnight Mission in Los Angeles! Jorge Bueno

Prevost XLII

Hi everyone! Here it is from another angle! I'd rather ride in this instead of flying most of the time. The only thing I don't like is having to fuel it up. It fills up with about $700 bucks and the fuel economy is not exactly like a Honda Civic. The Miles per gallon more closely mirrors that of a fully loaded Hummer towing a large boat! They say 13-18 Miles per gallon, but it's more like 5-10 MPG!! Jorge Bueno

Here we are in the city of Barstow, California, at the Bob's Big Boy. I opted for the breakfast buffet, not the best in the world, but maybe the best within the Barstow truck stop. Plus, what do you expect for $4.99? Oh yeah and if you are really hungry, you may consider ordering two or three of the original "Big Boy Burgers" they are smaller than average. A cross between the McDonalds basic "Hamburger," and a mini burger or 'Sliders" commonly found on the appetizer page of large corporate chain restaurants like Rainforest Cafe or The Cheesecake Factory. Oh yeah, ignore the pictures below of me eating because they're stupid and they were taken against my will! Jorge Bueno

This is a perfect example of a picture that none of you are supposed to see. Probably one of the worst pictures on this blog. Then again if we were hanging out getting some food together, you would "prolly" remember me like this! Jorge Bueno

Ok...the camera person is looking the other way. I'm gonna sneak in a piece of fruit. I'll be be quick enough that they won't have time to aim, focus, and SNAP a picture of me! Almost had it! Just don't get one of me while I chew! Or else! Jorge Bueno

Ok, This is Spicy! Why are you taking pictures that showcase me in the least flattering facial expressions? You won't catch Alejandro Fernandez with pictures on the web like this! Or like the one below!! Jorge Bueno

Ewww! Cantaloupe with Tabasco Sauce! Stop taking pictures of mw while I! Jorge Bueno