Wednesday, June 21, 2006

"Ludacris" Celebrity Sighting!

Well at least the cap is straight and level! This was taken at The Cheesecake Factory Restaurant, Beverly Hills! We have an office 2 blocks from we're always eating and walking around the area. Rule of thumb, if you see a woman with large fashionable sunglasses, that does not mean that the individual is a celebrity. And if she was..the people here are too into themselves to notice celebrities anyway! Out here, the real celebrities are the people behind the scenes who sign and write the checks to their employees....the movie stars! Therein lies the real power in this town! Chris Bridges "Ludacris" the rapper was eating here at the same time. He ate with two body guards and another guy who had full "Corn Rows" His Driver sat in a big black Expedition with the engine running, in front of the restaurant in a red zone, next to a fire hydrant! Dang, I shoulda gotten a picture. Jorge Bueno