Sunday, January 15, 2006

Bigger is Better?

Bigger is Better! I've heard people say that but I'm not sure what they're referring to. I'm either being really perverted romantic or Both! This was taken in Dallas, Texas one of my favorite cities. I love Texas. We were at the bank setting up our Non-Profit Bank account earlier in the day. We then had dinner at the Park City Club check out their website HERE!! We had bottles of wine and terric meals..I think I had the Seabass! A really awesome view of the city skyline. Have you been there? Jorge Bueno

I had to change my pose because there were people passing by. I think they were going to dinner because they were really dressed up, I didn't want to offend the ladies. Jorge Bueno

Am I really falling? I posed it at first but I leaned a little too much and...almost fell. Jorge Bueno

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Ebonics Airline Mssg!

this is an audio post - click to play

You gotta hear this! It's from a morning show in Atlanta, Georgia WNNX 99.7. It's entitled Welcome aboard from Shirley Q. Jorge Bueno

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Jorge Needs a Valentine!

I'm already in the Valentine's Day spirit with my bright red shirt that says "I'm nuts over you" if you look closely you can see a squirel! Again, this another $5 dollar shirt from Target. I was in there looking for a gift for my future Valentine! (Whoever it will be) I spent some time in the "Clearance" section and in the food court! I found nothing...maybe I'll try the .99 cent store! Oh yeah...Why do people say "Valen-Times" or "Ballen-Timez?" Jorge Bueno

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Jorge Bueno in Football outfit!

I've been working out! Can you tell? This has to be the most fake looking picture ever, look at my neck...I'm not even centered. I dress like this when I know I'm going to a crowded place. Jorge Bueno

New Video! Jorge at The Gym!!

Do you want to workout with me? You can come to the gym with me!! I took a camera to the gym and filmed my workout! Go into the lockeroom, stairmaster, and shower! Watch me get exhausted after 10 minutes of cardio! I am the Mexican Fitness Guru Wannabe! This short is complete with a musical score! You gotta see this! Jorge Bueno

Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year from Las Vegas!

Happy New Year from Las Vegas 2006! I took this picture, I swear! I know it looks like a post card but I got picture skills. I was in the middle of the strip, in traffic, in the car, I stuck my camera out of the drivers side window, pointed up, and "KWAPAO!" We stayed here at the Wynn this time, I love this place! We got a room they call a "Parlor Suite" whatever, I've seen the other rooms and they are all very nice! Wow, we were at a club called "Tryst" it was tight. If you were not in Vegas for new need to experience the fireworks someday. They must have lasted for almost 10 minutes. I got this link to a streaming video from a local TV station website so you can check out what you missed Click Here! That link has a pop up so if it doesn't work go HERE and look for the New Year Video Part 1! Jorge Bueno

Bellagio, I was able to snap this shot as I drove by, they had re-opened the streets at this point. I love to stay here. I've stayed here a lot. Once we had a 2 bedroom suite in the middle complete with a step out patio a few floors under the hotel sign. We had to get security to open these doors for us apparently they had someone jump or fall once. The last time I was there we got a Villa, Dang I didn't know this kind of room existed there. That place was huge, we couldn't see the water show but that was ok because we had our own pool and hot tub with a private patio/terrace and approximately 4 concierges on our floor alone! They're not up high, I think it was the fouth floor. If you ever get invited to a villa, GO they are awesome! Jorge Bueno

Palms Casino, waiting for our car. I think it's so silly, I can see my car right in front of my face, why do I need to wait 10 minutes for the valet to turn it on, go around the motor court (passing me along the way) and finally arrive at my foot? Too much show for me, just give me my keys and I''ll get in and drive off! I guess there ARE people out there who love to show off their cars..this is a good spot for them. On the other hand I don't feel the need to impress anybody..I just want to leave..we have parties to attend! From here we went to the Foundation Room at the House of Blues in the Mandalay Bay! That place has amazing views of the entire strip! Very cool! $10 bucks for 1 beer? Yeah it tastes better in the VIP lounge. Yeah right, I could buy a case of 24 at Costco for the price of 2 there! Oh well..ambiance is everything right? Do I sound like a cheapskate? Haha....Jorge Bueno

Jorge stealing fruit? Again? No, I swear that on THAT visit, I did not take any fruit to-go. However, I didn't feel badly when I swooped up some brownies and muffins! You need many small meals during the day for optimal this casino helped me achieve my dietary needs. Thank you. Jorge Bueno

We ate here at the Gold Coast on the final day in Vegas...I was very pleased...we had been eating at fancy shmancy places for the past few days here so it was time to hit up a buffet! They have a good buffet here, but the best value is still the "Palace Station" where you can scoop up a dinner buffet for $6.99! The food there is kinda funky. The taste never matches the look of the food....but if you close your's not bad! Jorge Bueno

Eww, what's this? A weiner? Sausage? No thanks...I think I'll go over to the pasta station. Jorge Bueno

What do I tip? .38 cents on $32.97? That sounds fair to me! Plus THEY get PAID to be anything I leave is just a bonus for them and I don't want to exaggerate and spoil them too much! Just Kidding, I never do that! But I've heard people say things like that! Can you imagine thinking like that? Since I waited tables back in the day...I always leave fat tips. I usually feel the need to add more when my friends pay, but it's all good. Jorge Bueno

This face represents a few of the typical Mexican moods after dining out. It can mean: "This place is prejudice against Mexicans, I can tell!" or " The waitress was making THIS face at me, I'm not gonna tip her!" or "If they think that WE are all cheap...well then I better live up to the stereotype and BE cheap!" or "Don't rush me, I know I've been at your table for 4 and a half hours, but it says ALL you can I'm waiting to digest a little...because I ain't done eating! Jorge Bueno

I fall asleep within 5 minutes after finishing my 8th and final trip to the buffet line! Jorge Bueno

I usually toss and turn in my sleep! My Sleepy boy syndrome strikes again! This is the way I usually end up at a restaurant booth after a terrific meal! Or after a horrible meal that knocks you out! Jorge Bueno

Gas station on Sahara and some other street. We had to fuel up and hit the supermarket were we picked up rockstar energy drinks and some more bar supplies for the hotel room! The Vegas New Year Celebration continues! Jorge Bueno

On the observation deck of the Statosphere Las Vegas. If I worked up here as a ride operator or as a tour guide...I would insist on wearing a parachute! It's windy as hell up there and there's nothing over the edge but a 4 foot fence to catch you. Either a parachute or I would strap myself with a body harness to a bungee cord! Jorge Bueno

That's me on the left with the white shirt, walking in the esplanade shops at the Wynn in Las Vegas. Jorge Bueno