Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year from Las Vegas!

Happy New Year from Las Vegas 2006! I took this picture, I swear! I know it looks like a post card but I got picture skills. I was in the middle of the strip, in traffic, in the car, I stuck my camera out of the drivers side window, pointed up, and "KWAPAO!" We stayed here at the Wynn this time, I love this place! We got a room they call a "Parlor Suite" whatever, I've seen the other rooms and they are all very nice! Wow, we were at a club called "Tryst" it was tight. If you were not in Vegas for new need to experience the fireworks someday. They must have lasted for almost 10 minutes. I got this link to a streaming video from a local TV station website so you can check out what you missed Click Here! That link has a pop up so if it doesn't work go HERE and look for the New Year Video Part 1! Jorge Bueno