Monday, January 02, 2006

Bellagio, I was able to snap this shot as I drove by, they had re-opened the streets at this point. I love to stay here. I've stayed here a lot. Once we had a 2 bedroom suite in the middle complete with a step out patio a few floors under the hotel sign. We had to get security to open these doors for us apparently they had someone jump or fall once. The last time I was there we got a Villa, Dang I didn't know this kind of room existed there. That place was huge, we couldn't see the water show but that was ok because we had our own pool and hot tub with a private patio/terrace and approximately 4 concierges on our floor alone! They're not up high, I think it was the fouth floor. If you ever get invited to a villa, GO they are awesome! Jorge Bueno