Tuesday, February 21, 2006

New Music!

This is what I look like at 3:00am brainstorming and working on some new songs for the next album. Jorge Bueno

This picture was taken as we got ready for the Latin Grammy's at the Staples Center. Jorge Bueno

Aww..the tour bus...so cool inside! More pics to come! Jorge Bueno

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentines Picture!

“HAPPY BALEMTIMES DAY!” Here I am at my friends house with the diarrhea colored accent wall. I can't wait to go on "Buckayshuns!" Jorge is a Virgin? Really? Wow! If you don't believe that I'm a virgin....well...I don't know what to tell you! There are still some old fashioned guys out there....somewhere! I picked up this t-shirt at Target for $5 bucks! I got others so I'll post them too! This one represents me...because I AM saving myself for you.....really! Jorge Bueno

Here I am again at my friends house. Whachoo Lookin at...Yo? I been makin' threats since I was in kindergarten! I keep trash bags wif me! You never know when you gotta dump a nickle out! I put you in a trash bag...yo! Just kidding! That's why my notorious look is turning into a smile! For those of you who don't know, that's from Jay-Z song "Threats" featuring Old Dirty Bastard. Jorge Bueno

Hip Hop Krunk Dance

Hip Hop Krunk Dance performed in my friends spare room! This particular dance features me behind a female dance partner. My feet are only both planted on the dancefloor for a split second while I rest. The majority of the time, one of my inner thighs is almost glued to your lower back! I first saw this done by a couple that seemed to be having sexual relations with their clothes on. Someone said that they were "Gettin' Krunk" However, they both had very different facial expressions. The girl continously smiled in a flirty, whimsical, and tipsy manner. This was all done while she performed real graceful dance moves with her limited mobilty as the guy held her in a bent over position! Meanwhile...the guy behind her pumped and thrusted as though he was really having relations! Even his face showed ecstasy and facination! He held a very serious expression that included a frown and evoked the concentration that a doctor has when he analyzes X-rays of a smokers lung! It was fun to watch but they did the same moves for every song regardless of the tempo or theme. I can't wait to perform thier move on a subject! Jorge Bueno

Friday, February 10, 2006

"The Rainman Suite" at the Excalibur that my friend stayed in...pretty cool but.....old school...they need a remodel! Jorge Bueno

Vegas Call Girls!

Dodging "Call Girl Pamphlet Givers!" as they force you to take literature that market "Escort to your hotel room in minutes!" If you don't take the business card...they actually sneak one into your pocket as you walk away! I guess that explains the abundance of pretty girls monitoring thier cell phones in casino bars. It's a cool game to people watch and try to figure out who is a professional or not. I look for the messed up hair with the "Just took a nap look!" Nothing wrong with the profession. They're getting paid right? They making paper! That's cool, I won't be a client but there is no shortage of guys looking to hook up. Something about "Sloppy Seconds!" Ewww! Jorge Bueno

Friend on the toilet in a stall at the Excalibur. I reached up and snapped the pic from above the door! While he was doing #2! For his protection I will keep his name private. Lucky for him...it looks like he was leaning forward...cleaning his bottom! Hope he also used a moist paper at the end! Jorge Bueno

This was the best $12 dollar French Onion Soup ever!! It was even better than the one at Panera. Taken at 11:45pm at the Terrace Cafe at Wynn! Jorge Bueno

Ahh, the water show to the song "Ecstasy of Gold" by Ennio Morricone. One of the songs from "The good the bad and the ugly" This is my favorite water show song! The runner up is "Con te partiro" performed by Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli. The next one is "Viva Las Vegas" by Elvis Presley! Which ones do you like? Jorge Bueno

I pledge allegiance to Mr. Steve Wynn for his vision and business sense! Actually, I was covering my reflective sweatshirt logo that always glows too much with the camera flash! But I am a huge fan of Mr. Steve Wynn the man that revolutionized Las Vegas! He is awesome....a true playa! Jorge Bueno

Do you think I Smell? Here is another shot of me at my friends house with a Valentines Day shirt! Jorge Bueno

Friday, February 03, 2006

Jorge Pics in Las Vegas!

I like to document most things that I experience. Here I am just about center of the Bellagio. You can see my trusty video camera too. The name of the song was "Ecstasy of Gold!" It is a tight orchestral piece with a lady singing like a flute. Jay-Z used a sample of it in a song called "Blueprint 2," from the album "The Gift and the Curse," a few years back! It is the best song yet for the show. I may go there again and wait all day until I hear it again. I got Goosebumps everywhere! Very cool! Jorge Bueno

Big Money at The Bellagio in Las Vegas. The water show was amazing this time around. They added some new music. If you look closely, I look like I'm wearing a wig like "Pedro," in Napoleon Dynamite! Jorge Bueno

Woo-Hoo at the Wynn Hotel and Resort Las Vegas. I love that place. Everything about it is fabulous. You gotta see it!! Jorge Bueno

Sexy Jorge at Gym!!

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