Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Hip Hop Krunk Dance

Hip Hop Krunk Dance performed in my friends spare room! This particular dance features me behind a female dance partner. My feet are only both planted on the dancefloor for a split second while I rest. The majority of the time, one of my inner thighs is almost glued to your lower back! I first saw this done by a couple that seemed to be having sexual relations with their clothes on. Someone said that they were "Gettin' Krunk" However, they both had very different facial expressions. The girl continously smiled in a flirty, whimsical, and tipsy manner. This was all done while she performed real graceful dance moves with her limited mobilty as the guy held her in a bent over position! Meanwhile...the guy behind her pumped and thrusted as though he was really having relations! Even his face showed ecstasy and facination! He held a very serious expression that included a frown and evoked the concentration that a doctor has when he analyzes X-rays of a smokers lung! It was fun to watch but they did the same moves for every song regardless of the tempo or theme. I can't wait to perform thier move on a subject! Jorge Bueno