Saturday, October 07, 2006

WebCam Jorge!

I took this one myself as I set up my webcam. I will soon have a direct feed to the web from my webcam at the office that will capture my every move. You will all be able to see me working and in action at certain times during the day! Visit my music site and monitor the news for updates. Have a prosperous day! Jorge Bueno

The Detroit Yacht Club

The club is located on an island accessible by bridge. The vessels aren't huge because there is no direct ocean access, just the river. The wind creates a little chop in the waves but they are tiny and almost not noticable compared to the ocean waves I'm used to in California. The gentle water makes outings very enjoyable. We chartered a 45 foot Carver Voyager for a few days during this visit! Check out the club's official website HERE! (Link coming soon) Jorge Bueno

In the DYC!

Chillin' in the upstairs bar next to the meeting rooms. Time for a boat ride up the river. Jorge Bueno

Detroit Yacht Club. Jorge Bueno

On the Balcony off of the second floor library of The Detroit Yacht Club. Jorge Bueno

Compuware Atrium in Detroit

Here I am in the atrium of the Compuware Building in Downtown Detroit, Michigan. Taken while we waited for our thing to "Vibrate" from the Hard Rock Cafe so that we could have dinner. Party of 12 so we had to wait a little longer than most. What a cool transformation the City of Detroit is going through. We have some buildings I go back often. I love it there! Jorge Bueno

Hard Rock in Campus Maritius Detroit, MI

The Hard Rock Cafe in Detroit Rock City. I had a BBQ Chicken Sandwich that evening. When I'm really hungry, I order something that I know for sure will be enjoyable. It's difficult to screw up a chicken sandwich and it's always a safe meal! Jorge Bueno

Specs Appeal!

Here I am wearing my "Specs." I need them because one of my cars is very I need to have clearest vision possible when I'm switching four lanes on the freeway. I like wearing my glasses because they make people think that I'm intelligent and intellectual! Jorge Bueno

McDonalds Deported!

I got detained in Canada on one of the days because we were sooo hungry at 3am and the hotel security said that they didn't recommend the drive-thru fast food a few blocks away. They made it seem as though your car would be "Stripped" into parts by bad peolple if you went there. I gathered that the experience would begin at the order kiosk...and conclude at food pick up window...where you would be left standing up car...holding nothing but a steering wheel! So, we opted to take a drive across the underwater international tunnel and the Immigration detained and questioned us because the said that "Nobody crosses into Canada just to go to McDonalds at 3am!" But it was true. One of the guards told us to say that we're going to the "Windsor Casino" next time and there would be no hassle! Jorge Bueno

The exterior of The Detroit Athletic Club! The top floors are hotel rooms! I'll stay there next time. This time around, we stayed at The Renaissance Center Marriott at the GM building headquarters. Hertz gave gave me a Red "FORD" Mustang! I was fearing the worst as I pulled up to the valet at The General Motors Building in a "FORD." Luckily nothing happened! I may have been applying "The Secret" subconciously. Jorge Bueno

Da Detroit Affletic Klub!

Everyone needs to visit this place sometime. I spoke to some locals near "Campus Maritius" ...and they referred to this place as the "Da Affletick Klub!" They said that the place was "Da Shiznit," and that it was where "Da True Playas Roll!" So naturally...I want to go see what all the talk is about. We show up and I have to agree...all the rumors are true! Dis place being da pimpliest right about now. Oh yeah and their wine list is "Supurbafully!" Jorge Bueno

My name is Kobe Jordan!

After a 1/2 hour of preparation, meditation, and prayer at the free throw line, I finally unleash the basketball with full force. Michael Jordan would be proud....IF I had actually made it IN the basket! If I remember correctly....the ball...which is still visible in the frame...hit the top of the backboard, bounced up, and hit the photographer on the head. It's not me, I swear! I have reason to belive that there is a vortex or a time warp tunnel exactly above that spot where I had a large dinner that included Rack of Lamb and I was still full. was the wine that offset my equilibrium! (Did I spel dat right?) Are those enough excuses? I have more! Jorge Bueno

All you heard was "Swoosh..Bonk!"

Preparing for a "Swoosh Shot." Well.....either that, or an 'Airball." I believe that in this particular was the latter. But I got a 10 for effort. I tried my best, but somehow the ball was knocked off it natural trajectory by the earth's gravitational pull! If you look at the's NOT entirely level either....So as you can see it's not that I'm a bad shot...there are other factors involved! We are NOT alone! :) Jorge Bueno

Kobe Style!

Watch out Kobe! This picture is for the NBA players, Ballers, and Shot Callers. They can refer to this pic for inspiration, whenever they need to be reminded of proper form when attempting their "Jump Shots!" Jorge Bueno

Trip on the ball?

Watch out because when I pass the ball between my legs, I sometimes temporarily lose the dribble and the ball may hit you randomly. Who in the heck plays ball in dress shoes, slacks, and a button shirt? Jorge Bueno does!

Put a Spin on it!

Sweaty Jorge at 2am at The DAC. Hold on lemme put a spin on it. It really did spin...for 4 seconds only..and then I got tired..ran toward the basket and made a "Slam Dunk!" I slammed into the wall, lost the ball, and dunked my head into the dirty towel bin! Just Kidding...I hope you know that by now. Jorge Bueno