Saturday, October 07, 2006

McDonalds Deported!

I got detained in Canada on one of the days because we were sooo hungry at 3am and the hotel security said that they didn't recommend the drive-thru fast food a few blocks away. They made it seem as though your car would be "Stripped" into parts by bad peolple if you went there. I gathered that the experience would begin at the order kiosk...and conclude at food pick up window...where you would be left standing up car...holding nothing but a steering wheel! So, we opted to take a drive across the underwater international tunnel and the Immigration detained and questioned us because the said that "Nobody crosses into Canada just to go to McDonalds at 3am!" But it was true. One of the guards told us to say that we're going to the "Windsor Casino" next time and there would be no hassle! Jorge Bueno