Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sara Evans in Concert

This is Sara Evans, she was the second opening act for Brad Paisley this evening. Her voice is strong and she's not typical country. It's a bit more pop. Check out this video. It's a song called "A Real Fine Place To Start." Have fun! Jorge Bueno

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Sugarland in Concert

Sugarland opened up for Brad Paisley this evening. Great music. I really like their style. Check them out. Oh yeah, listen to the song "Irreplaceable" by Beyonce, where she does a duet with the girl from Sugarland. Jorge Bueno. Here's a Video:

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Brad Paisley Concert! We Danced!


Brad Paisley is on of my favorite Singer Songwriters. Just listen to songs like "He Didn't Have To Be," "We Danced," I'd Wish You'd Stay," and you will hear what I'm talking about. His voice is good and his songs are great. They are real and heartfelt in a manner that we should all be communicating in. Ritchie Sambora also came out and did a few songs with him at the end! Check out Brad Paisley by

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Ronald Reagan Memorial & Library

The Ronald Reagan Memorial & Library is in Simi Valley, CA. It's located on a hill and the vistas are pretty cool. I was there at sunset. To get more information on the Museum and and how to visit go to thier website by
CLICKING HERE! See You. Jorge Bueno

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Salsa Dancing and Dinner in San Diego

This is George and Marianne, they are an awesome couple. This was in taken in San Diego, CA. at The Yardhouse Restaurant. I was there for a seminar and they were two of three hundred attendees there at the Mariott and Marina. After day two of the event I found out that they are really into preserving the Native American Culture and their rights in society. George gave me an authentic burning sage cleanse backstage and out of the venue at the loading docks. I stood there while George chanted and circled around me with a hot piece of smoking sage...that incidentally smells a lot like I'm told. Afterward I was scared of going back in to the venue and having people think that I was smoking in the back. That evening..I got together with a few other attendees and went for dinner and salsa dancing in the Gas Lamp District. Jorge Bueno

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Private Sterling Club at Turnberry Vegas

Here are some students and friends of mine at a networking mixer that I put on after a seminar taking place in Las Vegas. These were taken at the Private Sterling Club and Clubhouse within the Turnberry Place Compound. We had a great time and got to know each other better. I'm really congruent from the stage in a seminar or bootcamp setting, what you see is what you get. I don't hold back..I give my best information to my students. I'm the same on the platform as I am at a social event. I do an exercise on day one of my events that allows the attendees to find their Core Identity and be congruent with who they really are at the heart and soul level. I've been told that this technique and excersise alone is worth the price of your investment in the bootcamp. We had an awesome time and I've already received testimonials from this group on how fast and well my corporate credit building strategies have worked for them. The new website is not up yet...but will be at Jorge Bueno

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Business Credit Building Mastery

These are pictures of a recent multiple day event that I lead where the 25 attendees left with massive value. I kept it intimate becacause I had to screen every body carefully and also I had to make sure that the information I revealed sunk in and had maximum impact. They also had to already be in a profitable business and have at least $150,000 in business credit cards and lines of credit. Yes, these were already students of mine that I had launched previously. This was a one year anniversary event where I tuned up and made sure thay were positioned for growth. I also brough in to Asset Protection Attorney's and we all discussed in great detail the subject of Wealth Preservation. That way my students could grow their businesses, duplicate and create more revenue, and make sure they keep it long term. Making money is easy....staying wealthy is the key. I showed them how to get larger lines of credit and more business credit cards to make sure that the business could survive if they ever got into financial trouble or had to survive a recession. Some people are scared of credit and those tend to be the people who fail...because they don't have enough credit or money to bail them out and carry them through tough times or through a devestating lawsuit. Being leveraged and having debt is a good thing. Number one, you are not a very attractive target for a lawsuit and banks also need social proof that other banks have given you large sums of money before they will give you money themselves. Make sense? I'm really busy lately and I really don't want or need to do it. However, I have been asked at least 15 times just last week alone for me to put on a class or to write a book that can be made available to the general public. I'm thinking twice about it because the information is very dangerous in the wrong hands. Imagine going through my course material and then being able to create $25k, $100k, even $250k of credit cards and lines of credit under a company with your name on them, in a short period of time. Imagine what kind of things an ordinary person or a younger individual would want to buy? An all gold Rolex? A piece of property or real estate? A Bentley? Vacations? Or something else that doesn't make sense in the big picture or things. That is what my Advanced Business Credit Course will teach you. My Business Credit Mastery Course will have you going into the Millions and even into the Tens of Millions as long as you're structured correctly and do the right things. Nothing is for sale and you cannot buy my Credit Building Material. I may NOT even mass produce it. Be on the lookout for my Codex and Manuscript that will go live at the following website, I will make this available for free. If I have enough positive and good hearted people with the right intentions I may put out material or a bootcamp for a few people. The site is not live but soon I'll upload the Free Codex and Business Credit Manuscript for you to have!
Jorge Bueno

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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Tall Bourbon and Mexican Food!

This is pretty much my favorite activity. Not just eating out but hanging out with people that inspire me and that are positive.My food should be accompanied by a tall whisky or bourbon on ice as pictured here. Not the premium stuff but the generic one out of a two gallon plastic jug or out of a box will do just fine. Just playing...that is tropical iced tea! I don't really drink alcohol unless it's a nice bottle of wine. I used to bartend many years ago while I was going through school. I still can make tons of drinks off the top of my head. I still laugh when I remember about the time I had a guy capproach the bar and say in a ghetto voice, "Yo batenduh, let me order a Incredible Hulk, baby!" He taught me that it was made with Hypnotiq and Hennessy or Curvoisier. Hypnotiq already has some cognac in it, but some folks desire a greater and more effective beverage. So to make it at home use 2 parts/ounces Cognac of your favorite brand and 3 parts/ounces of Hypnotiq. After that you are ready to get crunk or maybe just enjoy your evening. Have fun! Jorge Bueno

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Monday, June 16, 2008

Jorge Bueno at Almost 2 Years Old!

Hey everyone, here I am at about one year and a half years of age in my Mom's arms! This picture was taken at Universal Studios in one of those picture booths that are pretty rare today. You would deposit $1 Dollar, you would sit inside the booth, close the curtain, and you got 3 poses with flash. Then you would get out, wait a few minutes and your pictures would come out of the side of the machine. We were here in the U.S. visiting from Mexico and visiting all the traditional tourist destinations and having fun. Jorge Bueno

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Monday, June 09, 2008

Bellagio Penthouse with Jorge Bueno

Hi Everyone, here are some pics of my recent stay at The Bellagio Las Vegas. As you can probably tell from the view, I was in the Spa Tower penthouse in the new tower this time around. Look at the pool area, yes the water really IS that clean all the time. Not like the other salty pools at the cheaper hotels. Check out the 5th picture, that my friend is a picture of one of the villas that have their own private pools. You cannot rent one of those...they are reserved for whales or folks who indirectly give the Bellagio $250,000 by losing it in the casino. If they wanted to rent one it would be a minimum of $6,500/per night. You get a private butler, limo service, a private entrance and more! Check out the Official Bellagio Villa Page by CLICKING HERE! Read about The Bellagio Villas on by CLICKING HERE!Jorge Bueno

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Jorge Bueno Movie Tanning in Vegas

Oh my goodness look at how badly I sweat in 104 degree heat. After a day of sunbathing and goofing off it was time to go to a movie. I can't remember what we saw that evening but it was good to get out of the heat. This moview theatre is at the South Pointe Casino on the South Strip. It is a cool spot, the casino is kinda like a Boyd Casino. They have Bowling, Arcade, Movies, Cafe, Many Restaurants including a Buffet. The rooms are also nice with plasma tv's etc. Here is a link to their site CLICKING HERE! Jorge Bueno

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Richard Schraier and Jorge Bueno

This was an event to honor my Musical Theatre teacher Richard Schraier. Tonight's show his was called "Notes from A-11" that was the classroom number where Mr Scraier taught and where my love for musical theatre began. With this event we paid tribute to his career and hard work at Hamilton. We got his current and past students and put together a gala show and concert where we performed his favorite numbers from the many musicals he directed. I was his student from 1990 to 1992. It was an emotional and beautiful evening. His students have gone on to professional industry careers. For our performances of theatre or music, we had civic light opera sets, wireless mics, the works. The school had the funds for that type of thing, the parents were involved and they were really good at raising money through sponsorships. Back to the evenings performance.... at the end we engaged the help of the audience and we all sang "For Good" from the musical "Wicked." I was certainly crying and most others were too. He really DID change my life for the better.

Another teacher of mine from my days at Hamilton was Lynn Levine, my teacher for Madrigals and voice. She worked closely with Mr Schraier to make our performances great. Another wonderful teacher was Mr. Jurkowski, sho was the head of the Drama department when I was there. Mr J. also colaborated with Mr. Schraier to put on top notch productions. Those teachers really inluenced me in a positive way. I hope the're all doing great. Check out the webpage for my high school by CLICKING HERE!

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