Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Tall Bourbon and Mexican Food!

This is pretty much my favorite activity. Not just eating out but hanging out with people that inspire me and that are positive.My food should be accompanied by a tall whisky or bourbon on ice as pictured here. Not the premium stuff but the generic one out of a two gallon plastic jug or out of a box will do just fine. Just playing...that is tropical iced tea! I don't really drink alcohol unless it's a nice bottle of wine. I used to bartend many years ago while I was going through school. I still can make tons of drinks off the top of my head. I still laugh when I remember about the time I had a guy capproach the bar and say in a ghetto voice, "Yo batenduh, let me order a Incredible Hulk, baby!" He taught me that it was made with Hypnotiq and Hennessy or Curvoisier. Hypnotiq already has some cognac in it, but some folks desire a greater and more effective beverage. So to make it at home use 2 parts/ounces Cognac of your favorite brand and 3 parts/ounces of Hypnotiq. After that you are ready to get crunk or maybe just enjoy your evening. Have fun! Jorge Bueno

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