Thursday, July 10, 2008

Business Credit Building Mastery

These are pictures of a recent multiple day event that I lead where the 25 attendees left with massive value. I kept it intimate becacause I had to screen every body carefully and also I had to make sure that the information I revealed sunk in and had maximum impact. They also had to already be in a profitable business and have at least $150,000 in business credit cards and lines of credit. Yes, these were already students of mine that I had launched previously. This was a one year anniversary event where I tuned up and made sure thay were positioned for growth. I also brough in to Asset Protection Attorney's and we all discussed in great detail the subject of Wealth Preservation. That way my students could grow their businesses, duplicate and create more revenue, and make sure they keep it long term. Making money is easy....staying wealthy is the key. I showed them how to get larger lines of credit and more business credit cards to make sure that the business could survive if they ever got into financial trouble or had to survive a recession. Some people are scared of credit and those tend to be the people who fail...because they don't have enough credit or money to bail them out and carry them through tough times or through a devestating lawsuit. Being leveraged and having debt is a good thing. Number one, you are not a very attractive target for a lawsuit and banks also need social proof that other banks have given you large sums of money before they will give you money themselves. Make sense? I'm really busy lately and I really don't want or need to do it. However, I have been asked at least 15 times just last week alone for me to put on a class or to write a book that can be made available to the general public. I'm thinking twice about it because the information is very dangerous in the wrong hands. Imagine going through my course material and then being able to create $25k, $100k, even $250k of credit cards and lines of credit under a company with your name on them, in a short period of time. Imagine what kind of things an ordinary person or a younger individual would want to buy? An all gold Rolex? A piece of property or real estate? A Bentley? Vacations? Or something else that doesn't make sense in the big picture or things. That is what my Advanced Business Credit Course will teach you. My Business Credit Mastery Course will have you going into the Millions and even into the Tens of Millions as long as you're structured correctly and do the right things. Nothing is for sale and you cannot buy my Credit Building Material. I may NOT even mass produce it. Be on the lookout for my Codex and Manuscript that will go live at the following website, I will make this available for free. If I have enough positive and good hearted people with the right intentions I may put out material or a bootcamp for a few people. The site is not live but soon I'll upload the Free Codex and Business Credit Manuscript for you to have!
Jorge Bueno

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