Monday, June 18, 2007

Freemasonry Founded America!

George Washington and Benjamin Franklin were Freemasons? Yes, and so were many of our other founding fathers. It is just a fascinating jorney of information to discover secrets and information that has been carefully taken out of our school textbooks. I grew up with masonic roots and before you all jump to conclusions let me clear a few things up right now. No, masons do not drink blood or anything wierd like that. They don't run around naked or skin cats alive. They're not evil or want to enslave you. The majority of things you hear false and have no verifiable basis. I will tell you this...the very religion that you run your life by is probably modeled after masonic teachings. The way your court rooms and government is run, is modeled after masonic traditions. It is the oldest fraternal organization in the world therefore you better believe that they have been doing something right. Try this! Try focusing on the positive effects. Beginning with the fact that if you live in the US, our laws, constitution, declaration of independence, many other significant writings and events have come to be by the labors and passions of freemasons. Our current government is the one that has slowly been taking away our freedoms. Look at the Patriot act for example. I'm not very political nor am I an anti-government individual either. I enjoy history and in the past when a people gave up it's power to a centralized power or has never been good. That is my food for thought for now. I don't want to turn this into a debate...we're supposed to be having fun here. If you are interested you can read more about freemasonry by CLICKING HERE! Jorge Bueno

Private Jet or Misery? Which do you want?

It's not how good you are at what it is you DO in life, BUT how good you are at who it is you ARE in life. I got that from my mentor and friend Joel Bauer, who I believe got it from another gentleman and author that also made elegant choices.
Just when you think you've made it you look across the airport and spot a Boeing Business Jet like the one above! And it costs around $50 Million! It's huge and even has a bedroom! Check this site out HERE
Given the choice of traveling on a regular commercial flight or on a private jet seems like a simple choice right? Well..not always. For example...let me ask you a question. From Los Angeles to Las Vegas, it's about an hour and a half flight time. Do you want to spend $125.00 round trip on Southwest? Or $20,000 on a private jet? And that's a short flight! Imagine a flight from LA to New York? Five and half hours? $395.00 round trip on coach or almost $100,000 round trip on a Gulfstream G500. I've done both many many times, from private jets at the executive terminals, to coach class, business class, to first class and to "Miserable Class!" The "Miserable Class" is basically coach class with you sandwiched in the middle! You have a smelly person to your left wants to talk while you want to relax and watch a DVD. The person probes you with very strange personal questions like "What are you doing when we land? Do you want to give me a ride?" After you cut them off and put your headphones on...they get the hint and they decide that you are a pillow and fall asleep with their mouth open while breathing their halitosis on you the entire time. At the same time you have a person to your right who is seated as if they were the king and ruler of the airline and their coach seat is their throne. You know the type maybe they are naturally larger but not always, some guys seem to want to sit with their legs open and their left knee directly in front of you. They take up both arm rests and their left elbow is poking your rib cage for half of the flight. The worst part is when they take off their shoes and it smells like Doritos, Cheetos, Parmesan Cheese, mixed with old mushrooms, cod oil, and a soiled baby diaper under the seat! So there you go you make up your own mind. Deal with the misery of the commercial airline industry or pay a huge premium to be able to be driven right up to the jet on the tarmack? The exclusivity, privacy, and the ability to save time? Have a red carpet laid out for you, your favorite food professionally catered there and ready to eat. Fly to smaller regional airports with executive terminals with no rude TSA that ship your bags to indonesia no matter where you end up in the states! I think you get the picture. Which do you prefer?

Prevost Tour Bus Pictures and Jorge Bueno

Many of you have written and asked me to post pictures of the inside of a luxury motor coach or as many others know it as a "Tour Bus." Here you go. This is a converted Prevost XLII read more and see more pictures on the manufacturers site by CLICKING HERE! Depending on who does the conversion and build out of the interior, you can spend anywhere from $550,000 up to $2 Million for a nice tour bus. You can get bunk beds, a recording studio, stateroom, and if you get slide outs the body expands and created a larger space...but only while you're docked or parked. We always have high speed wireless internet and the DirectTV feed is constant because the antenna is adjusting as you drive to keep the connection with the satellites's the same system used on yachts. Hope you enjoy the pics. I may be able to get some video footage of some traveling we've done in the coach. My ex record label is still not releasing any of my performance footage and they have reels or tapes of most of my travels etc. See you soon! Jorge Bueno

Stealing Flowers from The Opryland Resort!

Here I is at the Opryland resort in Nashville, Tennessee. Immediately after this picture was shot...I made a wonderful flower arrangement with their landscaping. That was only to justify the $4 water bottles inside and the log distances they make you walk within their resort. That place is Huuuge! I wish I had a Segway or at least someone to give me a piggyback ride! Just kidding about the flowers, I don't steal. Plus...they were not high quality. It's the same foilage stuff you can get at The Home Depot for $1.89 per bulb. :) Bye! Come back soon! Jorge Bueno

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Nashville, TN. The Opryland Resort and Jorge Bueno

Here I am again at the Gaylord Opryland Resort, Their meeting spaces are fantastic. It's a completely enclosed city in's huge. Remind me to stay at the Super 8 Motel next time! At dinner would be easier to drive there, park near a particular restaurant on the north side...walk 20 paces and have dinner, than it is to walk the equivalent of 3 and a half miles from the south tower suites to the north side restaurants through winding paths and ponds, bridges, and slow walking people! Otherwise it is a great place and would highly recommend it! Find out more by CLICKING HERE! Jorge Bueno

Fire Eating with Marshall Sylver and Jorge Bueno

I had the priveledge of being with Marshall Sylver on his birthday in Los Angeles a few weeks back. I am including a few pictures of me eating fire at his events. Me and a few others orchestrated a celebration on one of the evenings of his weekend presentation called "The Turning Point." I got the group to join me in singing happy birthday to him as we presented him with a birthday cake complete with trick re-lighting candles. Marshall Sylver appreciated our efforts and had a great time with us. He loves to be onstage and chose to spend his special day with us. The only thing missing was a pinata..well maybe next time. I will keep you updated on the latest happenings as Marshall prepares to roll out his Turning Point Seminar in Spanish! That is gonna be amazing..the opportunity to allow folks who have not dominated the english language, to benefit from the material covered during the weekend. Stay Tuned...the news will be special. Read more by CLICKING HERE! Jorge Bueno

Rev. Robert Detzler and Jorge Bueno!

Look! I have a "Fire Afro!" Or is that my Aura? If spiritual and universal laws of being frighten you...then you may want to skip this post and go to the one with me at a buffet instead. But if researching past lives and soul programs interests you, I encourage you to keep reading! Do you have phobias? Are you Constantly sabotaging your own success? Do you do things that are not congruent with who you know you are? This goes beyond hypnosis, meditation and the movie The Secret. Robert Detzler is the best selling author of the books entitled "The Freedom Path" and "Soul Re-Creation," He has engineered charts that allow you to not only identify soul programs that you currently run in you life, but also how to research them and clear them if they don't serve you in a positive manner. His testimonial list is a mile long. You don't have to believe that it is possible or even question it because you are a product of the universe. I need not convince you. Even though it would be an awesome thing if more people on the planet became more enlightened and conscious of the power of our super connection to each other and to our universal emotions. Life continues whether you choose to embrace it or not. Wow! What an opportunity to meet Rev. Robert Detzler and spend some intimate time with his family in his home in Seattle, WA. Well, ok, not exactly in Seattle but south of there in Lacey, WA. I invite you to read up on his method called "Spiritual Response Therapy." Learn more BY CLICKING HERE! Jorge Bueno

Indecent Proposal by Jorge Bueno!

You may already know that I spend a great deal of time in Las Vegas and that is because we have a couple of businesses that operate out of there. I will reveal those to you at a later date. For is a picture of my during a recent stay at the penthouse of the Las Vegas know...the historic place where they filmed the movie, "Indecent Proposal" with Robert Redford and Demi Moore. The Buffet there is very actually includes all you can drink beer and wine, for those of you who like that. Jorge Bueno

Jorge Bueno in Work Out Gear

This is my catalog modeling picture. Not for the US, what you see here may be an image used in mexico or in an instance where an in individual decides that they do not want to use royalty stock photos. At the same time they may not want to pay a fitness guru to use their they use mine...and I let them! So there you go, you now have permission to use my pic instead of paying Tony Little, Billy Blanks, or Jay Williams from J-Netics Sport Fitness Training. By the way I've been training at J-Netics in Tarzana, CA. and I will soon be uploading some before and after shots that will shock you. Keep monitoring my blog and place it in your favorites! Read more about J-Netics House of Fitness by CLICKING HERE! Jorge Bueno