Monday, June 18, 2007

Private Jet or Misery? Which do you want?

It's not how good you are at what it is you DO in life, BUT how good you are at who it is you ARE in life. I got that from my mentor and friend Joel Bauer, who I believe got it from another gentleman and author that also made elegant choices.
Just when you think you've made it you look across the airport and spot a Boeing Business Jet like the one above! And it costs around $50 Million! It's huge and even has a bedroom! Check this site out HERE
Given the choice of traveling on a regular commercial flight or on a private jet seems like a simple choice right? Well..not always. For example...let me ask you a question. From Los Angeles to Las Vegas, it's about an hour and a half flight time. Do you want to spend $125.00 round trip on Southwest? Or $20,000 on a private jet? And that's a short flight! Imagine a flight from LA to New York? Five and half hours? $395.00 round trip on coach or almost $100,000 round trip on a Gulfstream G500. I've done both many many times, from private jets at the executive terminals, to coach class, business class, to first class and to "Miserable Class!" The "Miserable Class" is basically coach class with you sandwiched in the middle! You have a smelly person to your left wants to talk while you want to relax and watch a DVD. The person probes you with very strange personal questions like "What are you doing when we land? Do you want to give me a ride?" After you cut them off and put your headphones on...they get the hint and they decide that you are a pillow and fall asleep with their mouth open while breathing their halitosis on you the entire time. At the same time you have a person to your right who is seated as if they were the king and ruler of the airline and their coach seat is their throne. You know the type maybe they are naturally larger but not always, some guys seem to want to sit with their legs open and their left knee directly in front of you. They take up both arm rests and their left elbow is poking your rib cage for half of the flight. The worst part is when they take off their shoes and it smells like Doritos, Cheetos, Parmesan Cheese, mixed with old mushrooms, cod oil, and a soiled baby diaper under the seat! So there you go you make up your own mind. Deal with the misery of the commercial airline industry or pay a huge premium to be able to be driven right up to the jet on the tarmack? The exclusivity, privacy, and the ability to save time? Have a red carpet laid out for you, your favorite food professionally catered there and ready to eat. Fly to smaller regional airports with executive terminals with no rude TSA that ship your bags to indonesia no matter where you end up in the states! I think you get the picture. Which do you prefer?