Sunday, June 17, 2007

Rev. Robert Detzler and Jorge Bueno!

Look! I have a "Fire Afro!" Or is that my Aura? If spiritual and universal laws of being frighten you...then you may want to skip this post and go to the one with me at a buffet instead. But if researching past lives and soul programs interests you, I encourage you to keep reading! Do you have phobias? Are you Constantly sabotaging your own success? Do you do things that are not congruent with who you know you are? This goes beyond hypnosis, meditation and the movie The Secret. Robert Detzler is the best selling author of the books entitled "The Freedom Path" and "Soul Re-Creation," He has engineered charts that allow you to not only identify soul programs that you currently run in you life, but also how to research them and clear them if they don't serve you in a positive manner. His testimonial list is a mile long. You don't have to believe that it is possible or even question it because you are a product of the universe. I need not convince you. Even though it would be an awesome thing if more people on the planet became more enlightened and conscious of the power of our super connection to each other and to our universal emotions. Life continues whether you choose to embrace it or not. Wow! What an opportunity to meet Rev. Robert Detzler and spend some intimate time with his family in his home in Seattle, WA. Well, ok, not exactly in Seattle but south of there in Lacey, WA. I invite you to read up on his method called "Spiritual Response Therapy." Learn more BY CLICKING HERE! Jorge Bueno