Monday, June 18, 2007

Prevost Tour Bus Pictures and Jorge Bueno

Many of you have written and asked me to post pictures of the inside of a luxury motor coach or as many others know it as a "Tour Bus." Here you go. This is a converted Prevost XLII read more and see more pictures on the manufacturers site by CLICKING HERE! Depending on who does the conversion and build out of the interior, you can spend anywhere from $550,000 up to $2 Million for a nice tour bus. You can get bunk beds, a recording studio, stateroom, and if you get slide outs the body expands and created a larger space...but only while you're docked or parked. We always have high speed wireless internet and the DirectTV feed is constant because the antenna is adjusting as you drive to keep the connection with the satellites's the same system used on yachts. Hope you enjoy the pics. I may be able to get some video footage of some traveling we've done in the coach. My ex record label is still not releasing any of my performance footage and they have reels or tapes of most of my travels etc. See you soon! Jorge Bueno