Monday, June 18, 2007

Freemasonry Founded America!

George Washington and Benjamin Franklin were Freemasons? Yes, and so were many of our other founding fathers. It is just a fascinating jorney of information to discover secrets and information that has been carefully taken out of our school textbooks. I grew up with masonic roots and before you all jump to conclusions let me clear a few things up right now. No, masons do not drink blood or anything wierd like that. They don't run around naked or skin cats alive. They're not evil or want to enslave you. The majority of things you hear false and have no verifiable basis. I will tell you this...the very religion that you run your life by is probably modeled after masonic teachings. The way your court rooms and government is run, is modeled after masonic traditions. It is the oldest fraternal organization in the world therefore you better believe that they have been doing something right. Try this! Try focusing on the positive effects. Beginning with the fact that if you live in the US, our laws, constitution, declaration of independence, many other significant writings and events have come to be by the labors and passions of freemasons. Our current government is the one that has slowly been taking away our freedoms. Look at the Patriot act for example. I'm not very political nor am I an anti-government individual either. I enjoy history and in the past when a people gave up it's power to a centralized power or has never been good. That is my food for thought for now. I don't want to turn this into a debate...we're supposed to be having fun here. If you are interested you can read more about freemasonry by CLICKING HERE! Jorge Bueno