Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Jorge Bueno at "The Grove" in Los Angeles - West Hollywood!

Here I am inside Barnes and Noble. I like to grab a coffee drink, find a spot to sit, and relax! This evening I had my laptop case because I had been working on a project and I needed to log on to the web, they have freedomlink wi-fi so I can connect for $2 a month because we have SBC at our office. Oh yeah, and that girl? I don't know her at all...I just was scoping her out. Not in a flirty way, but in a retarded way. Look at my face, I held that face until she noticed that I was hovering near her. She probably felt my infared eyes. I don't undress women with my eyes. Most of the time I don't even notice them. Sometimes a female friend of mine will have to say, "Look at that woman she's hot" and I'll reply, "Her? Ah, yeah, she's so-so!" Since I did Massage Therapy for so long, a female body is not an instant turn on for me like it is for most guys. It's just a body. It will take much more than just a good body to captivate me and grab my attention. Confidence, Style, Wit, Smile, Positive Energy, and vibe are just a few of the characteristics that are key. Jorge Bueno