Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Jorge Bueno in a 24 hour K-mart in Detroit, Michigan.

This is how I roll in my imitation fur. Sorta like a chinchilla with blue rit dye on it! Whenever I check into a hotel, I have to go pick up some essentials like healthy snacks, distilled water, and fruit. This series was taken at 1:30am while I was in Detroit, MI. again. We weren't in the city because most stores close early. This was on Gratiot Ave. passed 12 mile in Roseville, Michigan. I'm a night owl. I write music and get more creative at night. In this case we were at a National Coney Island having omelettes for dinner, when we spotted the K-mart right down the street. Perfect, lets go in there and take some stupid pictures! Jorge Bueno