Thursday, December 28, 2006

Robert Allen and Jorge Bueno!

When you speak of Real Estate or Marketing Gurus you immediately think of Mr. Robert Allen. He is founder of the Robert Allen Institute and the Enlightened Wealth Institute. They are very successful real estate educators and marketers. At this particular event Mr. Allen spoke personally for the entire event. "The Inner Wealth Summit." The day that he offers a "How to conduct seminar's bootcamp" I will be the first to sign up! At the Summit in San Diego, CA. He had surround projector screens and plasma tv's on the light rig above the stage. He even had a polling technology with remote controls for the audience to take instant polls complete with bar graph output visuals...very cool stuff! His message was very very powerful! His sales team is comprised of master pitchmen with great people skills...don't get me wrong...they give you real content and education...but what i love is their style of sales and the process that they have perfected. I think that Mr. Robert Allen and his companies are amazing! There are others like them but all around Mr. Allen's Wealth Funnel is darn near to being perfect! I salute you Mr. Allen! Jorge Bueno