Thursday, December 28, 2006

Derek Gehl and Jorge Bueno!

Ok...when you speak about internet marketing there are some folks that are the original industry founders. Mr. Derek Gehl is one of them that employed time tested offline long copy techniques and put them on websites to sell stuff. He runs The Internet Marketing Center. The original founder was Mr. Cory Rudl until he passed away in 2005. I've seen the videos where Cory was on stage and he had such a pleasing and cool style about him. He is truly a legend. His legacy lives on through Derek who's making sure that the Internet Marketing Center stays on top and ahead of the pack. There are several Internet Guru's out there including a guy they call the "Maverick Mariachi" but although they've made tons of cash most of them got started reading Cory Rudl's early material back in 1996! Jeez..I didn't even have a laptop computer had a black screen with green DOS type fonts and whenever I would turn it on...half of my city block would experience a blackout by loss of power...and when I fired up the printer...we were really in trouble. some witnesses reported hearing a sonic boom or experienced deja vu! :) Jorge Bueno