Thursday, December 28, 2006

Do you have a "Shy Bladder?"

I don't appreciate it when I'm standing there at the urinal and even though there are nine others available....a guy walks in and decides to stand right next to me and use the one located right next to me. To top it all off...some restrooms don't give us the luxury of a wall you end up rubbing elbows with the person standing next to you. Every once in a get a guy that doesn't really stand "Centered" and to the rest of the men's room actually looks as though you are indeed sharing a stall! Not a good thing if you have a shy bladder or if you have an issue being measured up and observed as the ladies are doing in this picture! Nowhere but at the Hilton Las Vegas! Have you heard that they may demolish the Vegas icon? They're thinking of it! Jorge Bueno