Thursday, December 28, 2006

Pin-Striped Pimp Buffet!

I love buffets..I just don't like the way I feel afterward, when I'm done eating! My Mentor Marshall Sylver, says.."Lean and physically fit people eat what their body needs as fuel...NOT what's in front of them." My other mentor Joel Bauer, says "You should only eat the amount of food that fits on your palm about an inch high, but eat that amount 5 to 6 times a day!" Well, I sure hope that they don't read this (Shhh..let me lower my voice) You sould have seen my plate on this recent visit to Palace first plate weighed approximately 17 pounds! My second plate actually cracked because of the weight as I walked passed the meatloaf looking thing that was sittintg in the dessert area! Eewww! You gotta love the buffet at Palace Station.. it's only like $6.99 for dinner! You can eat here all month for the same price as a brunch at the Wynn! There is however, an extreme difference in quality and ambiance from place to place. At the Wynn, well dressed people drop big bucks and only get one plate a little chocolate covered strawberry for dessert and they leave as they reach into a designer handbag to leave a large tip on the table! At the Palace? You get the folks carring strange grocery store plastic bags with personal items, which I suspect is also used to take food to-go! The plates are piled high with a little of everything...on each trip! The food all looks different because of the colors and preparation methods used...BUT it all tastes the same..including the all tastes like "Mushroom Infused Crab Meatloaf With Ketchup!" Have fun! I dare you to check it out! If you are not happy...there is an Applebees nearby! Jorge Bueno