Thursday, May 11, 2006

Beverly Hills, CA

Beverly Hills, CA. I had just left a store where a sales rep was trying to sell me a dress shirt for $475 bucks plus tax. It's still so strange to me that people buy tons of that stuff. My tailor could make you a shirt using the same fabric from that same mill where they got theirs from. It would be put together with better quality, custom fitted to your body, it would have a monogram, you could also pick the style of collar and cuffs that you wanted. All for less money and more bang for the buck. I mentioned that and the sales rep said, "Yes, but your shirt won't be a designer shirt." What a load of BS. can you believe that? I would buy it the shirt...but only if the designer fitted and tailored it himself. Otherwise, it's still a mass produced basic shirt that is no different than the ones at Ross Dress For Less, but with the distinction of having a little label embroidered bearing that designer's name. Society and advertising create images that are supposed to make us want to have certain things that they consider to be of elite status. It's amazing how many of my friends are designer label freaks! "Oh is that Dolce?" "No, it's Kmart!" I tell them, they get upset sometimes. Jorge Bueno