Monday, September 04, 2006

Jorge Ready to Give a Presentation!

I was a featured speaker at this hotel during a recent fundraiser event. Some of you may already know that a major part of our everyday business is real estate. Music and performing is my passion and we've done some awesome things so far. At the same time, we all like to give back. One way we do that is by helping solve people's real estate problems. We acquire apartment buildings, fix them up, and create nicer neighborhoods. We offer a great percentage of the newly rehabbed apartments to lower income folks through subsidy programs. We save people's credit from Foreclosure, negotiate with the banks, or make emergency hard money loans to individuals that may just need a little extra cash. Here I am getting my distribution materials from the trunk. After our general morning session...we organized a meeting/luncheon to feed our private investors that place funds with our equity groups to buy larger pieces of property. You see? We really do work...but it's not considered "work," if you love what you're doing right? Jorge Bueno