Monday, June 09, 2008

Tribute Performance to Richard Shraier

I just found these pictures on one of my external hard drives. These were taken June 2007 at my old high school. Hamilton High Academy of Music in Los Angeles. This evening we performed for Mr. Schraier as his going away gift. He left the school. My high school was just like the tv show "Fame" where we concentrated heavily on the arts and in music. I did Musical Theatre, Drama, Student Council, Madrigals, piano, and all kinds of other activities. We had 7 periods because of the extra music classes. The brunette in the pictures was the music coordinator and director for our performance that evening. Her name is Diane Feldman Turen, she has a children's musical theatre company in Los Angeles. Check it out by CLICKING HERE! The Blond woman is Ilene Graff, she is a big time actress. She helped organize the event that evening as well. She was in the "Mr Belvedere" tv series and the movie "South Pacific," among many other roles. Check her out by CLICKING HERE! The next gentleman is Jim Berk, he was the youngest high school principal when he was my principal at Hamilton High. I remember he had a cell phone that he hung around his shoulder because it was like a mini suitcase or pad. So the base hung from the case and then the handset would extend out of it with a traditional phone coil cord. He's been the head of many companies like Hard Rock International. We worked with the Grammy Foundation and is an awesome man. He's now the CEO of Participant Media the folks who put out enlightening films. Read about him by CLICKING HERE!

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