Monday, June 09, 2008

Friends at ICSC with Traffic Info!

Here I am with some friends at the Diversity Reception that was held at the Wynn Resort. We had a great time. The american man is Rolf Kilian and he heads up the company called Metro Transportation Group, Inc. Here is his website CLICKING HERE!They do global planning for governments and the transportation needs of the city. Have you been in a large city lately and seen traffic cameras at just about every intersection pointing in every direction? Rolf explained that instead of using ground sensors to do traffic counts...they use a digital imaging system that counts the traffic as it enters the screen of the camera display. Very cool. Of yeah I forgot...the local authorities also have access to the data. Departments of Commerce rely heavily on traffic counts to lure franchises and stores to open in their municipality. Have youy ever noticed that they don't just place a McDonalds anywhere. Usually they are on the "Breakfast Side" of the street. That means that they are in the path of most traffic of people going to work and moving in a general direction. In this fashion that traffic can make an easy right turn into the drive thru, buy coffee and a sausage mcmuffin and get right back on their path to work. Imagine if you had to make a left turn or a u-turn? Most folks wouldn't stop. Makes perfect sense. See you, Jorge Bueno

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