Monday, June 09, 2008

Oscar Goodman and Jorge Bueno

This is how much I love Las Vegas, I'm at a Community BBQ with Oscar Goodman, the Mayor of Las Vegas, Nevada. Here is a link to the Las Vegas City website CLICKING HERE! Another place where you can view his many projects and achievements is Wikipedia by CLICKING HERE! The other pictures are of the nearly completed "Encore" tower that is the addition to the Wynn Resort. This place is gonna have some amazing convention center space and will be excellent. The Tutor Saliba Corporation has been building it. Mr. Ron Tutor is a man who I'd like to call my friend. This gentleman flies around in his own private Boeing BBJ or Boeing 737 Business Jet. Yes it's the size of a Southwest Plane but it's all private with a stateroom and the works. He is also a major part of Perini that has built a lot of Las Vegas and has several projects underway like the City Center and others worldwide. They are no joke, they do Heavy Civil Works and Government Contracts all day long. Here is a link to Tutor Saliba CLICK HERE! Here is the link to the Perini website CLICKING HERE! Make sure to read the page of current and past clients! They are huge! Here is link to a picture of Ronald Tutors Private Jet CLICKING HERE!It fills up with about $56,000 of fuel. On a trip to Las Vegas from Los Angeles, CA, you can expect to burn at least $2,500 worth of fuel. That's not counting your other costs like the payment on the $63 Million Dollar plane, Pilot Salaries, Flight Attendant, Food, etc. Very cool, I respect and admire Mr. Ron Tutor. More pics coming soon. Jorge Bueno

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