Monday, June 09, 2008

Richard Schraier and Jorge Bueno

This was an event to honor my Musical Theatre teacher Richard Schraier. Tonight's show his was called "Notes from A-11" that was the classroom number where Mr Scraier taught and where my love for musical theatre began. With this event we paid tribute to his career and hard work at Hamilton. We got his current and past students and put together a gala show and concert where we performed his favorite numbers from the many musicals he directed. I was his student from 1990 to 1992. It was an emotional and beautiful evening. His students have gone on to professional industry careers. For our performances of theatre or music, we had civic light opera sets, wireless mics, the works. The school had the funds for that type of thing, the parents were involved and they were really good at raising money through sponsorships. Back to the evenings performance.... at the end we engaged the help of the audience and we all sang "For Good" from the musical "Wicked." I was certainly crying and most others were too. He really DID change my life for the better.

Another teacher of mine from my days at Hamilton was Lynn Levine, my teacher for Madrigals and voice. She worked closely with Mr Schraier to make our performances great. Another wonderful teacher was Mr. Jurkowski, sho was the head of the Drama department when I was there. Mr J. also colaborated with Mr. Schraier to put on top notch productions. Those teachers really inluenced me in a positive way. I hope the're all doing great. Check out the webpage for my high school by CLICKING HERE!

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