Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to you. Actually, I got together with my Mom, and sisters on Sunday. We ended up going to a restaurant in the city of San Fernando, CA. "El Siete Mares" on Maclay and First st. The only good thing there was the Mariachi playing on stage. These guys are sharp and have good voices I was able to meet two gentlemen named Chino and Gerardo from the group and speak to them briefly, I would recommend them anyday. Check them out: http://www.nuevocuicatlan.com/ These are not the guys that are normally there, but they do private engagements.Any way lets get to the juicy stuff...Other than the music...This place SUCKS! I don't ever like to be negative or spread negativity so I apologize in advance if you're reading this and you work there or know someone who does. This is NOT meant for you but to the management/owners of the joint. They are money hungry and unprofessional. I will avoid this place from now on. My mom ate her entire meal and then 20 minutes later we all got OUR food. No big deal, It's just nice to eat all together. I wasn't expecting anything but, I mentioned it to the manager on duty so that they don't continue to ruin more dining experiences. The manager reffered me to another short balled guy named "Bernardo" Lets just say that the conversation was not pleasant. Told him what happened, He asked "Did your mom eat her food?" I said Yes. "If she did I can't give you anything for free, now move out of the way because there are people that need to pay behind you!" Meanwhile, I was thinking, Hmmm, I didn't ask for anything to be free, I could buy this entire chain of restaurants right now all 12 locations. (not that I would be interested) But I gave him one more chance to make things right, he said, "I already told you, I will do nothing for you, now pay the bill or I will call security!" This management staff spoke to me in a way that I would never want any of my friends to be spoken to. Don't give them your business, spend your money someplace else! Look these guys up HERE!