Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Marshall Sylver and Jorge Bueno!


This was an awesome day at an event where I had the opportunity to share the stage with Mr. Marshall Sylver, a gentleman who I admire greatly. This was a private function for the folks from Robert Allen's Enlightened Wealth Institute and the Russ Whitney Educational Group. These organizations teach people real estate strategies. Part of our business is commercial real estate that's why I was there along with our office and our staff.

Marshall Sylver is a world renowned speaker, his focus incorporates hypnosis and powerful persuasion techniques, I strongly recommend that you look him up and attend some of his events. He does an event that everyone needs to experience...he calls it "The Turning Point." If you are lucky enough to be invited to his more intimate and private trainings...don't pass up the opportunity! Any man who flies on private jets, drives a Rolls Royce Phantom, wears a $120,000 Platinum iced out rolex, among some of the material things....has my full attention! That is Marshall, however don't misunderstand's NOT all about material possesions, yes, success leaves clues, but it's not what makes an individual. His teachings are much deeper than that. Look him up on his website HERE! Jorge Bueno

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