Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Jorge and The Triton!

Check this Yacht out! It's documented as "Triton," these pictures were taken after it was docked in Long Beach Harbor. On one of the looks as though the helicopter has landed on my head! You see that? The owners get fined everytime the helicopter lands while it's berthed here....the city says that it's unsafe to land here and that the wind damages the trees and blows up trash all over the place. We spoke to crew and apparently the owners pay the fine and consider it somewhat of a valet parking the tune of $10,000 every time they get caught! The vessel is 164 feet long, it cost the owners over $25 Million to build & costs roughly $7 Million dollars a year just to keep it maintained and to pay the crew. This is a true Pimp-Mobile! Look at three pages of interior pics HERE! Also look at the builders website Delta Marine HERE! So long! I'm gonna call Delta and put one of these suckers on Lay-away! Jorge Bueno