Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Jorge at Hometown Buffet!

Hometown Buffet in Burbank, California! The people in there we NOT the most cultured people in the world. I almost got into a fight because I made a random comment at the food, a normal looking pretty woman laughed at what I said, but apparently her boyfriend didn't think I was funny...he also wasn't amused at the fact that HIS girl laughs at my jokes and not at he kept staring at me the entire time. Looking at me with the kind of frowning stare that you might employ while analyzing a certain piece of art at a museum that you didn't want to go to in the first place! On the other hand his girfriend stared at me as if she were saying, "Wow, you are way better than my loser every way!" Over near the ghetto buffet line a lady almost knocked over an older woman when they replenished the fish sticks! Anyway...look at THIS picture! What does that remind you of? Chocolate ice cream? Yes, there is corn in there...along with some bacon bits! Pretty nasty. Eewww! Jorge Bueno