Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Jorge at Signature Flight Support

This picture was taken at Signature Flight Support at Dallas Love Field. They are a provider of services for private jets and other private plane flights, they have awesome facilities...check out their website by CLICKING HERE! We had just landed in Dallas and stayed for 7 days. Our towncar was a little delayed so we went into freshen up and grab a snack at the upstairs food area. The cool thing is that they have their own executive terminal across the runway from the regular commercial airlines...so you don't have to take your shoes off or wait in long lines or deal with rude folks or security staff. Oh yeah...about flying in private jets....Marshall Sylver said it best, "Yes! You can keep your tray table down during take-off and landing!" Here in Dallas for a conference, to look at land to develop, a large office building, and also to walk through one apartment building before actually purchasing it. I really enjoy Dallas...next time we will visit the Stockyards Rodeo in Ft Worth for sure! Here is a Link for THE STOCKYARDS! Jorge Bueno