Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Jorge at the Hilton Anatole Dallas, TX.

This was our Hotel for this stay, the inside is nice and has two large enclosed atriums. This is a nice spot. We meant to catch a Mavericks basketball game our meeting ran late and we were hungry...so we ended up at a place next to the American Airlines Center. This place is right next Hooters and looks just like Hooters but the food is worse and all the younger folks are even more immature than the standard Hooter posse. These younger folks kept throwing wads of paper at each other in the dining room. I say young...but they were at least 21 years old! I was fearing that a food fight would erupt and I would have to send my suit to europe for another special process dry-cleaning in order to remove the imitation buffalo wing sauce mixed with beer and saliva! So we left...went next door to the real Hooters and just as expected...3 out of 5 of the patrons at our table...got "Chorro" (try your spanish/english translation software on THAT word) and the other person has since developed symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome! As for myself I was unaffected because I'm pimpin' like like! Good luck! Jorge Bueno